Video AI Sora: A Revolution for B2B Marketing Too?

Since the introduction of Sora, OpenAI’s text-to-video model, the worlds of AI and marketing have been abuzz. It’s being called one of the most significant disruptions since the launch of ChatGPT —and that’s saying something. So, how will Sora change the work of B2B marketing professionals, especially in terms of video use and creation? What potential does it specifically offer for B2B? We’ve got the answers.

What is Sora by OpenAI?

OpenAI describes Sora as an AI model that can generate realistic and imaginative videos up to 1 minute long based on text inputs (prompts). “Realistic” is no exaggeration, as demonstrated by example videos on their website. Those paying little attention can easily be fooled. Users who remember the viral AI-generated “Will Smith eating spaghetti” video clips will be in disbelief – especially since this nightmare of an “AI fail” happened only 11 months ago.

So far, the model has only been introduced to the public—there’s no release date yet. Therefore, it remains to be anticipated when Sora will become available for B2B marketers.

OpenAI’s Sora in B2B Marketing: Impacts, Potentials, Concerns.

With the introduction of Sora, OpenAI is now heralding the era of AI-based video generation. This advancement opens up new possibilities for marketing professionals and sets a higher bar for B2B marketing. We’ve identified and explored three areas particularly affected by Sora:

1. Revolutionising Content Creation: Time for More Video in B2B.

Sora’s ability to generate high-resolution, realistic videos from text prompts marks a paradigm shift in the production of B2B content. The text-to-video model will likely allow for fast and cost-effective video content production in the not-too-distant future.

“B2B companies no longer have any excuse not to jump on this bandwagon before it’s too late.”

This cost-effective content production holds enormous potential for B2B companies, as complex products and services can be presented more tangibly and understandably through videos. Also, the challenge of finding suitable stock material for particular applications will soon be a thing of the past – a significant relief in creating more vivid and interactive product presentations, explainer videos, and testimonials.

Even before the Gen AI hype, video was a promising trend in B2B marketing. B2B companies no longer have any excuse not to jump on this bandwagon before it’s too late.

2. Rethinking Customer Experience: Creating Shared Experiences.

“Creating content has never been easier. [But] having precise content is no longer enough to remain relevant. To stand out, brands will need an engaging content experience in the future.” We wrote this eight months ago. With Sora’s perspectives on AI-driven video creation, this statement is more relevant than ever.

When used correctly, Sora can be the key to the solution for B2B brands. With OpenAI’s text-to-video model, marketing professionals can create new, differentiating customer experiences by offering immersive content beyond traditional video formats.

For example, Sora could be used to create entire 3D worlds. Such interactive landscapes can serve as innovative platforms for community building, educational games, and brand interaction, providing a space for real-time interaction and exploration. Potentially, this could fundamentally change how B2B brands communicate and interact with their target audience – through unique, shared experiences.

“Sora, when used correctly, can be the key to the solution for B2B brands.”

3. Hyper-Personalisation at a New Level.

Personalisation is crucial in creating genuine customer experiences, especially for niche target groups within B2B marketing. With Sora, video content can be produced relatively efficiently and tailored to the specific needs of even the smallest target groups.

The same product can be presented to users with different company affiliations or job titles in relevant applications or storylines “simply” by skillfully adjusting the prompts. Or, thinking further, Sora will be able to calculate different “paths” to the same endpoint (for example, the closing frame of a film). If the endpoint is a website or landing page, Sora can create an individual customer journey there for all users.

It’s not new that personalisation can increase activation, customer retention, and conversion rates. However, with Sora, B2B marketers will receive a new tool to achieve scalability in personalised communication that was previously unattainable. This also means that personalisation will become a must to succeed in B2B marketing in the future.

“With Sora, B2B marketers will receive a new tool to achieve previously unattainable scalability in personalised communication.”

Conclusion: Sora Brings Change and Opportunities for B2B Marketing.

 Sora’s technical capabilities are impressive—and development is just beginning. “Just remember, this is the worst that this technology is going to be from here on out,” emphasises tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee in his video AI-Generated Videos Just Changed Forever.

With this in mind, Sora has the potential to radically transform content creation, personalisation, and customer experiences in B2B marketing. However, these developments require careful (content) strategic planning and ethical considerations, especially regarding transparency and handling generated content. 

In a time when customer expectations are steadily increasing, the competitive environment is becoming more arduous, and the digital landscape is becoming more complex, Sora can serve as a vital tool for B2B marketers; as a tool to not just meet challenges but to use them as opportunities for growth and innovation. Now is the time for it! 

Want to leverage your potential with Generative AI? With our content expertise, we’re here to help. Just get in touch!


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