A Meeting of BBN Minds

The annual BBN Owners’ Conference held in May each year is firmly on our agenda – the forum where the principals of all 29 agency locations meet from Sydney to Stockholm and from Toronto to Turku.

This year held in France, partners temporarily leave everyday agency life behind for a few days (some even travel halfway around the world) and focus on the topics that make BBN so important to us. Things like:

  • What will take BBN further in the coming business year?
  • What experience has been gained from joint projects over the past few months?
  • Where is particularly interesting expertise?
  • In short – what does BBN bring to our customers and to us, and what do we bring to BBN?

I admit, that I personally, always look forward to these meetings because they are so inspiring. This time perhaps even more than usual – in the last one and a half years, five new agencies have joined, providing many new impulses: the digital cracks from Spain and the USA/Houston, the Danes with their know-how in content marketing and some very interesting B2B sectors, BBN Mexico with its own agency network in Central and South America, and our new colleagues from Tokyo. These bring in exciting cooperations with Japanese companies in the APAC region and impressively demonstrate how quickly a BBN newcomer can make an entire agency crew fit for the BBN methodologies and use them for customers in their day-to-day business. Whether a newcomer or founding member: the discussions are fair and constructive, no matter how different the people involved may be. We also had something to celebrate: being ranked number one international Marcomms agency by B2B Magazine in the US (and number two in UK/Europe).

Another observation: BBN is becoming increasingly younger. Not only in the Executive Board with new appointments from the USA, Switzerland and Mexico, but also in its internal orientation. The BBN Exchange Programme, for example, is picking up speed; BBN Germany alone is sending two employees to Sweden and Scotland this year and is hosting a colleague from BBN Australia as part of the programme.

Around the well-filled agenda there was also time to exchange ideas in smaller groups, to cultivate some friendships that had lasted for decades, to discover new things in common and to make new contacts. If you add to that a wonderful atmosphere for socialising as we know it from the Chateauform’-Locations, then one thing is for sure: Next year everyone will be there again – with more success stories and plans for further development.

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