Global Work Experience with BBN

BBN Michelle Scott Headshot Michelle Scott, a senior user experience strategist at Elevated Third, one of BBN’s partners in the US, shares her story and experiences of participating in the BBN Exchange Programme. One of 6 work experience exchanges to take place this year.

Work Experience with BBN

BBN is a collaborative agency model, where each partner is united by the agency’s expertise in B2B marketing. Working as a Senior UX Strategist for the US-based agency, Elevated Third, I had the opportunity to participate in the thrilling experience of the BBN Exchange Programme. With the expansive reach to 32 countries in the BBN partnership, I was bursting with anticipation to apply to international agencies as an ‘exchange student’. Acceptance of my application would allow me to travel to a host agency to spend time immersed with their team to gain a unique work experience. The program truly acts as a catalyst to diversify exchange students’ professional experiences and broaden professional horizons – I couldn’t wait to dive right in!


My Time in Madrid, Spain

My exchange took me to The Marketing Hub, a dynamic marketing agency situated in the city of Madrid, Spain. Ahead of my visit, I engaged in virtual correspondence with Pedro Guillén, one of the founding partners of The Marketing Hub. Our meetings covered the logistics of travel, sharing exciting possibilities for learning, and tips for my immersion in their unique work culture. During our conversations, I identified new and intriguing marketing sectors that The Marketing Hub specialized in, each promising a fresh perspective and valuable insights for my professional growth. Also, I saw this as an opportunity to contribute to The Marketing Hub’s practices and bring a fresh perspective to their team by preparing to share the unique processes and methodologies that set Elevated Third apart.


Host Agency: The Marketing Hub

The Marketing Hub specializes in managing sales and marketing programs for leading global technology companies, telecommunication carriers, and software start-ups. During my weeks with The Marketing Hub, I could see and hear the passion for targeted marketing and the importance of partnering with clients who truly grasp its value. The team comprises digital marketing strategists, social media experts, demand generation specialists, and more. The Marketing Hub is a talented team that does not shy away from wearing many hats and taking on new challenges. I admire how they continue to adapt to new client needs by expanding and refining their capabilities.

BBN Michelle Scott OfficeMultilingual Marketing in Action

Clients trust The Marketing Hub for their international expertise and capability for multilingual marketing. Their diverse team, hailing from countries like Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, and more, collaborates harmoniously within a single office space. This remarkable fusion of linguistic talent allows them to meet the needs of regional audiences generating personalized experiences for social campaigns. I was able to observe their process for building editorial calendars, executing social media campaigns, and analyzing performance for a global education technology client. This highlighted the significance of having expertise in regional tone and a human touch in this type of work and emphasized a significant drawback when relying solely on a translation tool without any subsequent review.

The Marketing Hub is also actively constructing a comprehensive portal for this education technology client. This portal serves a dual purpose, catering to both potential buyers and end users of the client’s product. A project spanning design, build, and launch through to a substantial amount of content creation, I could see the depth of passion and expertise that the Marketing Hub team has cultivated through their close alignment with the client’s work. They possess in-depth knowledge about audience segments and understand the technical requirements of the portal, enabling them to conceptualize and provide solutions in alignment with the client’s needs.

I was delighted to share my user experience, creative strategy, and web design expertise with The Marketing Hub. They actively involved me in the SEO analysis, sitemap creation, and copywriting efforts for an upcoming website project. This presented a fantastic opportunity for me to leverage my skills in information architecture and wireframing to contribute to the site migration process. I enjoyed jumping in on work that was familiar to me, but also delving into new areas, like crafting sitemaps in Spanish. I was able to share everyday tools, such as my B2B informed wireframe library in Figma and the tried-and-true website documentation methods, that are fundamental to Elevated Third’s process. Collaborating with The Marketing Hub on projects like these marked the true exchange of knowledge between our teams.


In-Office Joys

While at The Marketing Hub, I couldn’t help but reflect on the simple joys of being in the office, a significant change to my remote team at Elevated Third. Their open windows invited the cool morning breeze into the office space, creating a serene and productive atmosphere. Colleagues’ kindness extended from starting each day with a cheerful “Buenos Días” entering the office to offering recommendations for exploring Madrid and providing more restaurants and sites to see than I could ever have time for. The late lunchtime in Spain, two in the afternoon, brought the team together for some delightful moments, celebrating birthdays with pizza and homemade chocolate cake, and conversations about family and travel. I will cherish the opportunity to explore different cultures and relish engaging in conversations with colleagues from diverse backgrounds.

BBN Michelle Scott TMHIn Summary

My adventure was an unforgettable experience, one that reinforced the power of effective communication and the beauty of diversity in the world of marketing. The Marketing Hub stands as a shining example of a marketing agency that thrives on its multilingual and multicultural team. Their ability to adapt, embrace diverse talents, and weave marketing magic across languages and borders makes them a formidable force in the industry. The experience taught me the value of stepping out of my comfort zone, sparking meaningful conversations, and learning to work effectively across a large span of time zones. I gained a renewed perspective on the interconnected nature of digital experiences by extending beyond the website and considering how all digital touchpoints collectively contribute to achieving a client’s goals. I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the chance to participate in such an amazing exchange program.

About the Author

Michelle Scott is a senior user experience strategist at Elevated Third, one of BBN’s partners in the US. As a strategist, she combines empathy and analytics to form insight and testable strategies and always takes a user-centred lens with her. She aims to surface the truth about user needs and develop recommendations for successful digital experiences.

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