Expansion in the US, Middle East and Pakistan

We are pleased to announce our recent expansion by adding a new agency partner with offices in the US, Middle East and Pakistan—Centric, headquartered in Dubai, UAE. The digital marketing agency helps strengthen the partnership’s technical offerings, further solidifying BBN’s presence in the U.S. market, now with nine offices nationwide, and filling a delivery gap in the Middle East.

“We are delighted to welcome Centric to our partnership,” said Annette Poyser, BBN Executive Director, also based in Dubai. “This digital-first agency has its core competencies rooted in building websites, intranets and automation platforms, combine this with our existing skills across the globe, and BBN becomes one of the largest B2B marketing agencies with extremely robust technical and digital offerings. Centric is a great addition to the BBN partnership, and I look forward to seeing how they grow both within the partnership and as a result of it.”

“I’m thrilled to announce our exciting partnership with BBN International, a global network of some of the most prominent independent agencies in the world,” said Usman Khalid, CEO of Centric. “This partnership marks a significant step for Centric as we expand our offerings in the Middle East and penetrate the US market with the support of BBN’s sector-specific experts from around the world. With this collaboration, we’re confident in bringing credentials that rival those of globally renowned digital consultancies.

Centric already has a strong foothold in the enterprise and government sectors in the Middle East, and we’re eager to bring our extensive experience and best practices to the table. However, with over 50 employees, we recognize the need to continually upskill our talented team. Through our partnership with the BBN network, we’ll be able to learn from the best agencies worldwide, access sector-specific expertise, and enhance our offerings.

We’re excited about the opportunities this partnership will bring to our clients and team. Our joint mission is to deliver exceptional value to our clients and help them achieve their business objectives. We’re confident that our partnership with BBN will help us to do just that.”

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About Centric

Centric services in B2B marketing include; SEO, content marketing, direct outreach, LinkedIn marketing and sales development. They are also partners of Adobe (Experience Cloud); PimCore; Microsoft; Google, amongst others.

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