We’re Back: Stein IAS Returns as BBN’s b2b agency in New York

BBN welcomes back founding B2B agency Partner after seven years

We announce today Stein IAS has rejoined BBN. The addition will put global networks and “agencies” on notice that BBN intends to once again step-up what clients should expect of a true, international agency.

“More and more, our clients are demanding local engagement and global delivery,” said Craig Duxbury, Chief Client Officer, Stein IAS. “A lot of agencies and networks make those promises but when it comes down to it, despite having dots on maps, they are not joined up, and the offer and capabilities are suspect.”


Duxbury added, “For us, coming back to BBN was the answer, and we intend to elevate the expectations clients have of their agencies, as well as help BBN continue to progress its sophisticated offering.”

B2B Agency Pioneers

As a founding Partner of BBN more than 35 years ago, IAS (Industrial Art Services), as it was known then, were one of, if not the first, agency in the UK to focus purely on B2B marketing. In 2015, having acquired Stein in the US, the newly formed Stein IAS departed BBN and set out to merge its two agencies and focus on growing their scale and fame to remarkable success.

“BBN is built on a great legacy,” said Clif Collier, CEO, BBN. “From an innovation mindset to the constant collaboration and generosity of spirit that has become part of our DNA, the influence of Stein IAS on our organization has always endured. We expect that to continue as we collectively move forward and address the evolving requirements of international clients.”


BBN in New York

By re-joining BBN, Stein IAS puts an exclamation point on one of the most successful years in BBN’s history. In 2022, BBN welcomed seven new Partners and three new Strategic Partners. In addition, BBN has secured major global engagements from international brands totalling more than $2MM.

Known the world over for its technical and creative prowess, Stein IAS will enhance not only BBN’s global footprint by adding offices in New York, Shanghai and San Francisco but will also enhance BBN’s burgeoning ABM and Creative Centre of Excellence.


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Recognised as one of the Top International B2B Marketing Agencies[1], BBN partners employ more than 1,250 B2B specialists working in 66 offices spanning 32 countries, speaking 35 languages and has more than 500 clients from 23 different B2B sectors generating more than $187 million in global billings.

[1] B2B Marketing, B2B Marketing Agency Benchmarking Report, 2022

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