We recently asked our experts from across the globe about the critical areas of B2B marketing in the coming 12 months. In this article, Jani Aaltonen from BBN Finland shares his thoughts on Marketing Technology (Martech).

Businesses and marketing departments might be facing budget cuts during 2021, but marketing technology is not an area that will be widely affected since businesses of all types and sizes have found themselves in the position of having to move large portions of their operation online.

In many industries, marketing and sales processes and practices have had to be reformed. Also, purchasing has gone online, and businesses and consumers alike have become even more demanding in terms of seamless digital customer experiences. Companies have accelerated their digital communications strategy and marketing technology has suddenly become a ubiquitous need.

In 2021, operations will continue leaning into digital engagement, digital transformation and digital customer experience. And that’s where martech and marketing automation thrive. There will be an ever-renewing spring of opportunities for businesses to make their marketing better since technology is continually improving their ability to deliver content in ways that are more interactive, immersive and impactful.

Will there be in-person events in 2021? Maybe, but certainly not at the scale we are used to. Marketing technology will need to do much of the heavy lifting when companies and brands focus on building relationships via interactivity.

Bringing people together through interactive virtual events and with the help of digital tools will be an ongoing trend even after 2021. People are now used to collaborating and working together in distributed settings and they are not willing to give up the remote work and digital communication options easily. Thanks to the fact that the world is becoming more digital fast, the amount of marketing data will be insane in the near future. This requires standardised and well-structured data gathering, governance, privacy and visualisation solutions – all provided by martech solutions.

Investing in and adopting marketing technology tools will benefit businesses long term. Our role is to help companies to fine-tune their new processes, integrations and tools so that their lead flow to sales is smooth and steady.

Martech is worth around $121.5 billion worldwide. This part of the industry will remain rich and diverse even if the wider marketing industry, is facing occasional hits.

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About the author

Jani Aaltonen is an experienced marketing automation and marketing technology specialist, with over 10 years of experience in digital marketing industries, the last six with the latest enterprise-level MA & martech platforms. His expertise ranges from top-level digital ecosystem and integration planning to hands-on marketing automation system operation and implementation.

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