7 Reasons to use LinkedIn techniques when events run out

Companies have been contacting us in search of new ways and solutions to connect with prospects lately. They are used to contacting people through the event channel. Agreed, it’s a strong lead generation approach. The combination of modern marketing techniques and events can strengthen each other. It has proven to deliver success. At the moment, however, most events are postponed and fewer events are organised for obvious reasons.


When looking for an alternative you should consider using LinkedIn and LinkedIn related techniques to enable the first (germ-free) handshake. We’ve been implementing these techniques for a couple of our customers for some years now. We’ve learned a lot and we would like to share 7 important findings on why to use these techniques.


  1. If you have a database you want to address you can import this list of companies in LinkedIn to target them. A real Account-Based Marking list.
  2. You can target specific job titles within this list with specific ads.
  3. Retargeting on this list is also possible via LinkedIn.
  4. When there’s no response on the ads you can address them via LinkedIn automation for a connection request.
  5. You can send out a strong series of messages and relevant content to the people who’ve accepted your connection request in bulk.
  6. It’s possible to create a list of contacts with the aid of ICP and IP tracking software on your website from scratch. No existing database is required.
  7. These LinkedIn techniques can be used in all stages of the buyer journey. They can even be used for retention.


Did we stir your curiosity and do you want to know more? Please download this deck, watch our webinar or reach out to us.

About the author

Carl Derks is a Marketing Architect Consultant at Referro for B2B businesses on branding, communication, campaigning, marketing automation processes, personas, the buyer’s journey and the influencing model utilising several modern digital tools.

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