The 7-step guide to mastering change

Change is a rich, popular topic. It happens to all of us on many levels; it’s universal. Marketers, especially, are at the forefront of change. According to new research, “80 percent of marketing leaders worldwide say they need to restructure marketing and almost one-third believe the need for change is urgent.” In some industries, change happens at a sloth’s pace. In others, it moves at lightning speed. Despite its ubiquity, change is a subject many industries continually struggle with.

That’s because it’s incredibly hard to first face, then manage change. Unlike many other business trends, change transcends the office because it’s very personal. Shifts in the workplace or industry affect your psyche and sometimes even your physical well-being. As a result, people need more practice and understanding of how change affects them and how to negotiate it.

Despite its inevitability, with the right mindset and deliberate planning, you can prepare yourself for any change. Follow our guide to learn seven tips on how to adjust your mindset to master change and differentiate your brand.

1. Accept an always-on mentality.

Change is constant. What once felt like change “events” that occur periodically like holidays on a calendar now happen every day of the year. To be effective in our roles, we all need to accept this fact. That’s a scary idea, especially for us marketers who value discipline and consistency and whose job it is to try to make sense of the world. But accepting this fact will give you the always-on mentality that will prepare you for
any change that lies ahead.

2. Develop a lens for change.

The first way to develop your change lens is through pain. As Tony Robbins said, “Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.” This applies to your business, too. Look for the pain points — these are the signals that become an impetus for positive and lasting change in your business. The second way to develop your change lens is through vision. Vision doesn’t represent just what’s immediately in front of you; it’s about the ability to get beyond the one-year plan, a paradigm most of us suffer and look ahead in your industry to give you the insights you need today. This is liberating because it allows you to focus on the important steps you must take to meet those future goals. That focus is your change lens.

3. Look beyond your current industry.

Looking to your colleagues or within your organization for signals of what, when and how to change is the wrong instinct. Beware the groupthink lurking in your teams, organizations and even in industries. To recognize the need for change, study people, teams and industries outside your business. How have they solved problems? Have they taken risks you wouldn’t even dream of? Once you spot how these others have adapted, modified or transformed, their solution can become the impetus for yours.


Are you ready to differentiate your brand through change? Click to download the full guide for all seven tips. 

Jeff Young is CEO/President at BBN’s U.S. partner Bader Rutter (BR), where he focuses on growing the agency’s offerings and fostering a dynamic work environment for employees. He’s been with BR for more than 28 years, starting as a public relations writer and moving on to management roles in PR and account management. 

Thanks for the photo by Luke Matthews on Unsplash

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