5 ways to revamp your B2B social media accounts

Lets be honest, we have all started business social media channels with the best of intentions only to find ourselves struggling to keep up with content, retweets/shares, and new followers.

As we all know, social media is a key factor in building your brand, but it can be hard to keep up with the medium’s constant need for content.

Here are five tips to reinvigorate your efforts and revamp your social media profiles in 2017.

Give your profile a refresh

As you restart your social media efforts, give your profile a fresh look. Review your bio and make sure that everything is current and up to date. Maybe you have added a new project or your company is looking to emphasize a specific offering. This is a great time to make tweaks and make sure your profile reflects your current marketing goals.

Re-evaluate the content you have

One of the hardest parts of managing a social media account is the feeling of having nothing to talk about. Take a step back and ask yourself: “What challenges are our customers facing that we could help with?”

Start a running list and create content around those topics. Finally, take a look at the people you’re following, some of them might no longer fit your target market. Take a second to unfollow those who are no longer relevant to your area of focus and start to follow new potential clients and industry thought leaders.

Create the content

Always keep your content fresh and different. Whether it is an article from a relevant media outlet or sharing a new blog post, make sure to not only showcase your products, but also position yourself as an influencer in your field. Some ideas include infographics, creating a blog series, retweeting industry articles or sharing pictures and happenings from industry events you attend.

Update your go-to hashtags

It is very easy to get locked into using the same hashtags, but how much are they helping you expand your audience? Take this time to check in and evaluate which hashtags are most and least successful (Twitter analytics can help you with that.) The next step is to see what industry leaders and your competitors are using for hashtags and in their content.

Take time to explore any new hashtags that you identify. Look to see who else is using the newly identified hashtag. And are they within your target market? Add the new hashtags to your tweets and measure how they perform. Need a little help? Hashtagify.me is a great resource!

Have fun

Yes, B2B marketing can come with some limitations. But feel free to throw in fun hashtags every once in a while or showcase a lighthearted blog post with tips and tricks for your industry. Don’t be afraid to talk about your colleagues, showcase your company’s history, any fun company events and/or internal awards. Showing your company’s personality not only gives you a chance to brag about the experts on your team but also let your potential customer and client get to know your business on a more person-to-person level.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and make waves in the social media ocean.

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