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Asia Pacific – A regional focus

Asia Pacific (APac) is a geographically expansive and populous region characterised by social and cultural variation. This influences the way people communicate, and each of the markets in APac has their own way of conducting business and maintaining relationships. Therefore BBN APac will focus on providing clients in APac a comprehensive offering of marketing communications services, ranging from visual content creation and social media campaigns to brand engagements and large-scale events.

We recognise it would be impossible for one single agency to have all the answers.

This is why we have set up BBN APac along with our regional partners with the aim to be the organisation that enables the collaboration of agencies to help international clients and partners better understand Asia. In doing so, companies can more effectively market their products and services in and out of the countries that make up the region.


BBN APac is a collaborative effort between our partners Fifth Ring, INL, ImpactM, GetIT Comms and McCorkell. These partners offer combined specialist knowledge in several key industry sectors: energy, property, financial services, IT & technology, healthcare, education and marine engineering.

Debbie Ho, Account Director
Fifth Ring Singapore

Debbie is an integrated communications expert who currently leads the Fifth Ring Singapore team, and possesses a wealth of experience across enterprise technology, oil and gas, consumer electronics, healthcare and pharmaceuticals. Having been in the communications industry for eight years, she has worked with various clients in Singapore and around the region, including Siemens, Sony Electronics, Johns Hopkins Singapore, Roche Diagnostics APAC, HIMSS, GE Healthcare, Cisco and more.

Karen Powell, Managing Director
McCorkell & Associates

Karen is charged with driving regional strategic innovation that delivers pipeline for her customers. Karen works closely with her team across the APAC region to deliver 950 programs a year for over 100 multinational enterprises for brands such as VMware, SAP, Lexus, AMEX and IBM. Karen encourages global enterprises to focus on authentic customer-centricity strategies supported by modern marketing principles to deliver on primary business objectives.  Karen holds a Masters in International Business, a Bachelors of Asian Studies as well as a Bachelors of Business Administration/Marketing.

Josephine Jeremiah, General Manager
McCorkell & Associates Singapore

Josie oversees and leads Client Services in Singapore, growing client accounts by devising client strategy, developing client relationships and delivering client objectives. She provides effective leadership, specialist knowledge and expertise pertinent to approved practices and delivery models relevant to client outcomes in accord with the values and strategic plans.

Jeremy Tan, Senior Account Director
INL Singapore

Jeremy is also responsible for maintaining a close relationship with clients as well as creative and project teams at INL to consistently deliver on business and communications objectives for the brand. With well over a decade of experience in strategic account management, he has been a part of driving and implementing creative and activation initiatives for companies such as The Esplanade, NUS Centre for the Arts, National Arts Council, ABN Amro, EMI Music, AIG, Blackberry, Vertu, Singapore Health Services, National Healthcare Group, Unilever, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, Cycle & Carriage France, StarHub and more.

Anol Bhattachariya, CEO
GetIT Comms

Anol has been consulting for hi-tech and telco clients for the last 16+ years as CEO and co-founder of GetIT Comms, in the field of B2B marketing. He has a wealth of expertise in digital marketing strategy, lead generation, demand generation, lead nurturing, social media strategy & implementation, and user experience design. Anol has worked with a number of clients in the region including Cisco Systems Inc, IDC Asia Pacific, Lenovo, StarHub and Dimension Data.

Alice Tam, General Manager
McCorkell & Associates Hong Kong

Alice leads our Hong Kong team and has more than 16 years of in-house and agency experience across PR, Marketing Communications, Market and Business Development across boutique agency and global MNCs, including Hewlett-Packard and Ascensus Communications.

Marc Bindlechner, Client Services Director
McCorkell & Associates Australia

Marc leads M&a’s expert team of Account Services personnel in delivering exceptional customer outcomes. Across our team, we deliver strategic executions for a number of clients across B2B, Channel and B2C Considered Purchase segments. Key campaigns he has delivered both regionally and globally: Vodafone Global Enterprise, SAP, VMware, IBM, Google, Hewlett Packard, Verizon, CommScope, Intralinks, Lexus, Hino, Harley-Davidson, Subaru and many more.

Ken Saito, General Manager
ImpactM, Japan

Long and deep experience in account management at several global agencies especially managing B2B brand such as IBM, SAP, Dell, Microsoft, and HP. Former Japan country manager of Wunderman. Joined impactM to drive the business with BBN global opportunity.


Strategise and plan

It’s about collecting insights and taking the long view. Whatever we do, it all starts with a strategic plan.

Every brand is a promise. Our proven Brand Asset Management model will help you deliver on it — whether it’s developing a new brand or repositioning an existing one.

Are you connecting with the right people, at the right time, in the right place? Channel analysis and planning helps you identify the best ways to get through to customers.

Relevant content spurs a dialogue with your customers. We’ll work with you to zero in on what gets — and keeps — their attention.

More and more customers experience your brand through technology. Make sure you’re making the most of that opportunity across all your digital platforms.

Strategy isn’t a shot in the dark. You have to know your audience. What works and what doesn’t. Competitive audits, focus groups, UX analysis — whatever your project calls for, we can deliver.

Create and design

Creating a great brand is so much more than advertising. It starts with crafting great experiences and ideas.

A great brand is one of a kind. Vital. Dynamic. Impossible to imitate. We’ll help you get to the heart and soul of your brand, to express its essence.

More than putting strategy into action, the right campaign makes it real — by giving customers something they can relate to. Our advertising and marketing energize your brand and brings it to life.

Messaging isn’t enough. Your brand should tell a story. Great content intrigues, surprises, educates and inspires your customers. So they’ll keep coming back for more.

Creative campaigns may change. Creative platforms endure. A platform is based on a foundational idea — big enough to work in any brand touchpoint, both now and long into the future.

Don’t get lost in the crowd. We can help make sure you get noticed. Generate buzz. And most important, identify leads you can transform into sales.

When designing any app or website, you have to consider how it looks through a user’s eyes. Is it easy to understand? Easy to navigate? It’s all about helping users achieve their goals.

The use of multimedia (videos and photography) enhances the visual effect and user experience during communication activation.

Connect and engage

Engage with audiences like never before. More personal. More responsive. More measurable.

It may be appropriate for your business to take a more direct approach and communicate with individual prospects or customer accounts as markets of one.

Broadcast. Digital. Out of home. Print. Our experts will find the right media mix to support your brand and your business.

Our centres in Europe and Asia Pacific can provide direct contact with prospects and customers to validate and qualify genuine leads.

Synchronicity. It’s the basis for lasting customer relationships — when timing, content and delivery come together seamlessly.

The future of marketing is 1-to-1. Creating the kind of personalized, hands-on brand experience that endures.

We apply our expertise to every aspect of a project to create the most compelling brand experience. From apps and websites to sales enablement tools and more.

INTERNAL ACTIVATION (Branding & Communications)
Prospects and customers aren’t your only key audiences. You also need your own team working from the same playbook.

The right loyalty program can ensure your customer relationships last for many years. Give a customer advanced access to new products, special sales coupons or free merchandise.

How can technology help make you work smarter? We’ll help you identify and develop digital tools that streamline the sales and marketing process and help you truly connect.

Let us help you create smart collaborations with the intent to develop a mid-term or long-term marketing program designed to meet yours and your partner’s respective business goals.

We ensure your finished communications look, feel and behave as beautifully as we designed them.

Lets us help you automate the decision-making process of media buying by targeting specific audiences and demographics.

Unexpected ideas. Deep media relationships. In-depth industry knowledge. That’s what it takes to build and maintain a strong, dynamic PR program — one that connects with your key audiences.

You can’t afford to wait for a crisis to strike. By then, the damage is done. We’ll make sure you’re prepared long before it’s necessary. So you can tell your story — instead of others telling it for you.

SOCIAL MEDIA (& Social Selling)
It starts with listening. Then seeding content at the right moment. We’ll help keep you engaged, from building an online community to reaching influencers.

Activate and optimise

Once we’ve helped you deliver your communications, we want to learn all we can to make it even better.

It’s more than just measuring results. Analytics starts with establishing key performance indicators and processes for reporting and tracking. That’s the only way to know for sure if your program is working.

The potency of  interpretation and analysis of data and converting it into valuable information and knowledge is enormous and can have a huge impact on your communication success.

Brand-building isn’t an exact science. But we can help you establish the best measures of success. So you’ll know whether you’re hitting the mark.

Every search engine performs the same basic job: to provide answers. When prospects and customers have questions, SEO helps your site deliver on what they’re looking for.

Our digital news center turns headlines and internet trends into business-relevant insights. So you can stay informed — and stay ahead of the news cycle.


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