A Brand Transformation

CLIENT:NTT Data Business Solutions
TYPE: Branding Strategy


With its 12,000 employees, NTT DATA Business Solutions is a globally leading company in the industry of digital technologies. The corporation, whose headquarter is situated in Bielefeld, is specialized in SAP products and services and was formerly known by the name of “itelligence”.

At the beginning of 2021, the company decided to undergo a full brand transformation in order to emphasize its affiliation and close connection to the global NTT DATA Group in the external communication: itelligence should become NTT DATA Business Solutions.


Transforming a brand from top to bottom is not a rush job; at the beginning of this complex project, we therefore asked ourselves a couple of important questions:

  • How can we transfer the customer connectivity to the very successful brand itelligence to the new brand NTT DATA Business Solutions?
  • Can this fundamental change eventually intensify the already close relations to the brand – with regard to customers as well as employees?
  • Which overall proposition leads to a continuously flourishing business while causing attention on the market of digital technologies?
  • And not to be forgotten: Can we accomplish the global brand transformation in less than 5 months – from the first brand definition to the final adjustments of the web-content?


We created a solid foundation by developing a clear brand definition – including brand purpose, value proposition to customers and employees, value system as well as positioning within the company and in the market. Hereby, it was important to underline that NTT DATA Business Solutions is not only an expert for SAP technologies: The company, based in Bielefeld, is also known for their IT solutions, which get customized according to the specific needs of the clients.


A summary of the most important KPIs:

  • During the awareness phase, up to 200% traffic increase on the target pages (e. g. about us, pages for LoBs and industries): not only generated through advertising, but also other marketing channels (e. g. organic reach growth)
  • 20 million impressions thanks to programmatic banners as well as LinkedIn and Facebook ads lead to a considerable growth of followers in the social media channels
  • Click-through and conversion rates over the industry benchmark (according to LinkedIn Benchmark Report of July – September 2021)
  • Over 500 generated leads in sales-related buying centers

These compelling results lead to the subsequent decision to also expand the campaign to the Asia-Pacific and South American regions.


traffic increase