Seven strengths of Stone

TYPE: Integrated/Creative/Video


ROCKWOOL is a leading manufacturer of insulation products. Like Hoover did with vacuum cleaners, the ROCKWOOL brand name became a generic term for insulation products in the late 20th century, and the company remains one of the leading brands globally. Across its range, ROCKWOOL provides solutions for the construction and horticultural industries, all made with one core material – stone wool. ROCKWOOL had launched a corporate brand platform to highlight seven core benefits of its stone wool. The ‘7 Strengths of Stone’ aimed to communicate ROCKWOOL’s competitive difference and link the benefits of its products to the real-world problems they solve.


However, ROCKWOOL’s corporate brand narrative was deemed to have alienated their core audience of craftsmen, architects, engineers and real estate developers in construction. They’re a technically-minded audience who look for communications that speak their language and for reassurance that they’re selecting the best materials. The brand had shifted its focus to purpose-led communications which told the story of the positive impact their products have on the modern living environment. However, this neglected to tell the story of a company which has engineering and product innovation at its heart. Despite being the byword for insulation, there was also low awareness across the industry of ROCKWOOL’s competitive difference – the ‘7 Strengths of Stone’. There was therefore a need to bridge the corporate positioning with relevant content and tangible messages that would foster engagement and improve brand affinity.


Drilling into each of the 7 Strengths, it was clear that there were amazing stories to be told. And to do them justice, we would need to use longer-form content that would be highly engaging. When reviewing which channels could have most influence in building brand affinity with our audience and help us tell our story using longer-form content, it was clear that social would have the strongest role to play. We decided that all creative content would be exclusively driven by and housed on social media, with a focus on driving audiences to owned media product content on the ROCKWOOL website. Our content distribution strategy was based on using owned social media as the core of the channel mix with the films promoted on ROCKWOOL’s Facebook and Instagram platforms.

To win ‘share of time’ with our audience on platforms where they predominantly go to be entertained, we needed to create ‘branded entertainment’ - demonstrations worthy of holding their attention.Filmed at the ROCKWOOL Innovation factory, with real employees we devised a series of extreme product demonstrations that dramatised the capabilities of stone wool and brought the company’s Danish heritage and focus on continuous R&D and innovation to life - with a touch of wit thrown in for good measure.


  • 1.8m Facebook page engagements in under 3 months
  • 30.7% Facebook and Instagram post engagement – 1435% higher than industry average
  • 26% increase in Facebook followers in under 3 months
  • 29% video completion rate on Facebook
  • 1.6m video views to completion
  • 326% uplift in unique website visits
  • Website dwell time increased by 400%
  • CTR 717% above industry average (6.3% vs 0.78% for B2B)
  • 11,641 marketing qualified leads in 3 months