BBN adds new Iberian agency to its partnership

The addition of communications consultancy solidifies BBN’s presence in the Iberian Market.

We announce this week that BBN has added the Iberian communications consultancy Ulled to its partnership. Founded in 1964, Ulled’s multidisciplinary team has over 50 years of experience managing brand perceptions through marketing, communications and public relations expertise. For four consecutive years since 2019, Ulled has achieved the Top 3 in El Publicista’s annual “Best PR and Communication Consultants” ranking as one of Spain’s three most awarded agencies. Ulled’s joining BBN is in lockstep with the firm’s eye towards growing its B2B portfolio.

“Ulled is a fantastic addition to our global partnership of agencies,” said Annette Poyser, BBN Executive Director. “With offices in Lisbon, Madrid and Barcelona, Ulled covers Portugal and Spain—and beyond. The addition of Ulled bolsters our presence in the Iberian Market and continues to grow our core competencies of strategy, planning and corporate communications throughout Europe and beyond.”

“We are pleased to join such a well-regarded, international marketing partnership,” said Antonio Criado, Ulled B2B principal and creative director. “At Ulled, we have decades of experience in meeting and exceeding our global clients’ marketing and communications support needs. Joining BBN is a direct result of our desire to partner with an organisation with a number of rigorous processes and ways of working—allowing us to harness the BBN resource pool as we expand our global B2B client portfolio.”

BBN’s approach is based on offering integrated delivery teams to its international clients, who have in-depth industry experience, technical and creative competencies, and geographic coverage. By drawing on an extensive and diverse global talent pool with a variety of highly specialised skill sets from our global partners, BBN can give clients a one-agency experience.

Recognised as one of the Top International B2B Marketing Agencies [1], BBN partners employ more than 1,200 B2B specialists in 60 offices spanning 29 countries, speaking 35 languages. BBN Partners has over 500 clients from 23 different B2B sectors, generating over $185 million in global billings.

[1] B2B Marketing, B2B Marketing Agency Benchmarking Report, 2023

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