BBN Adds Two Veteran South American Agencies To Its Partnership

The addition of specialist B2B agencies in South America strengthens BBN’s global footprint to further address the marketing needs of international clients.

We announce this week that BBN has added two new South American agencies to its partnership. Joining BBN are MarTech, a digital agency focusing on B2B e-commerce solutions headquartered in Santiago, Chile, and Sabia, a fully remote-working agency based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, specialising in corporate communications.

“We are extremely pleased to bring MarTech and Sabia into our partnership of agencies,” said Annette Poyser, BBN Executive Director. “MarTech and Sabia have each earned great reputations and an impressive list of satisfied clients. The addition of both of these stalwart agencies bolsters BBN’s presence in the Americas, especially in South America. These agencies help BBN solidify a capability and demand for B2B eCommerce website development, support, planning and strategy as well as corporate communications.”

“We are excited about joining such a well-regarded, international marketing partnership,” said Rafael Irarrázaval, founder and commercial manager for MarTech. “While we have seen great success in Latin American markets, we seek to support our clients as they continue to grow beyond our region. BBN–with its global presence and reputation of the partnership–is the best way for us to grow to meet the demands of our current clients in growing internationally, plus in attracting new clients. We are excited to be a BBN partner.”

Adding these agencies to the partnership showcases how BBN now has a presence in more than 50 per cent of the countries in North, Central and South America.

“Sabia builds our clients’ marketing support from the brand up by means of carefully designed content, creatives and digital solutions,” said Pedro Braga, Sabia’s principal and founder. “We have been certified as ‘A Great Place to Work’ continuously since 2017, and we are also a proud member of Pledge 1%–supporting Brazilian social and cultural initiatives pro-bono. We are especially attracted about becoming a partner to collaborate and partner with other BBN agencies worldwide on creative endeavours.”

BBN’s approach is based on offering integrated delivery teams to its international clients, who have in-depth industry experience, technical and creative competencies, and geographic coverage. By drawing on an extensive and diverse global talent pool with a variety of highly specialised skill sets from our global partners, BBN can give clients a one-agency experience.

Recognised as one of the Top International B2B Marketing Agencies [1], BBN partners employ more than 1,200 B2B specialists working in 60 offices spanning 29 countries, speaking 35 languages. BBN Partners have over 500 clients from 23 different B2B sectors generating over $185 million in global billings.

[1] B2B Marketing, B2B Marketing Agency Benchmarking Report, 2023

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