The courageous CMO: has 15 commandments

Welcome to our list of strategies aimed at enhancing your strategic thinking and proving your value as a marketing leader. This carefully curated collection empowers you to leverage your marketing & business reputation, align sales with strategy, and prioritise customer-centric approaches. By embracing data-driven marketing, collaborating with CFOs, and fostering open communication, you can drive growth and innovation. Join us as we explore these transformative strategies that will elevate your business.

Repeat after me… “As a B2B marketing manager or CMO, I will”:

  1. Lift my strategic gaze and prove my strategic value
  2. Take profit for increased sales by proving the value of the reputation of our business
  3. Create a symbiosis with sales
  4. Understand that the board and management are primarily concerned with more customers and creating value
  5. Create customer journeys on customers’ terms
  6. Share value with customers
  7. Limit the use of adjectives and self-praise in marketing communications
  8. Become even better at data-driven marketing
  9. Find a good leader who understands the value of branding
  10. Ally with CFOs and create business cases for growth
  11. Share challenges, successes, and opportunities. Internally and with industry colleagues
  12. Get measured on customer satisfaction
  13. Promote skilled B2B industry colleagues
  14. Be brave. Investing in innovation and creativity
  15. Understand that we communicate to people who make their choices based on emotions


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About the author

Andreas Thue is the founder and managing director of Iteo, Norway’s leading B2B agency and one of four BBN partners in the Nordics. Iteo has been recognised as the best Communications-agency in Norway five years in a row (2017-2021) and as the best content & performance agency in 2021.

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