The Power of Creativity in B2B Marketing

B2B is now part of a pride of Lions!

With the launch of the inaugural B2B Lions at the 2022 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, a significant opportunity exists in B2B to usher in a creative effectiveness movement that closes the gap between “good enough” and great creative ideas that become strategic assets, driving future business growth.

The Creative Effectiveness Report

‘The Big Long Idea for Creative Effectiveness’ report, released today by WARC and SteinIAS, details how The Big Long Idea (BLI), provides an actionable methodology to help B2B brands climb the B2B Effectiveness Ladder, a research-based framework developed by WARC, LIONS and the B2B Institute @ LinkedIn. The framework is the first to establish the six main effects B2B marketing produces B2B from least to most commercially impactful.

The Big Long Idea

Stein IAS developed the BLI methodology that BBN follows today to guide brands in developing creative ideas that reach the highest rungs of the Effectiveness Ladder and deliver the greatest commercial impact.

Reuben Webb, Chief Creative Officer at Stein IAS, commented: “The BLI highlights the need for B2B ideas to be big enough to communicate an offering – whether at the brand level, product level or vertical market level – to all audiences in a way that is highly original and emotionally and rationally rewarding. It also highlights the critical need in B2B for ideas to be long enough to work as a connected story across channels, content and experiences – extending from internal activation to the entirety of the buyer journey.”

The Power of Creativity


Creativity as a growth driver

David Tiltman, Vice President – Content at WARC, says: “Highlighted by the ‘B2B Effectiveness Code’ study from WARC, LIONS and The B2B Institute, which is an analysis of hundreds of B2B case studies from the WARC database, creative effectiveness is undoubtedly an under-leveraged B2B growth driver. With only 5% of the 435 campaigns analysed reaching levels 4-6 of the Effectiveness Ladder (Brand Builder, Fame Maker and Strategic Asset), there’s a huge competitive advantage to be gained by brands that recognize creative effectiveness as a greenfield for growth in the B2B space.”

Reuben Webb, Chief Creative Officer at Stein IAS, added, “However, to usher in a movement in which B2B brands successfully leverage creativity as an effective brand and business asset to drive growth, an actionable methodology to climb the B2B Effectiveness Ladder is essential. The BLI provides the much-needed approach for B2B brands to achieve that and raise the bar for creative effectiveness in the B2B space.”

Stein IAS and WARC’s ‘The Big Long Idea for Creative Effectiveness’ report details the origin of The B2B Effectiveness Ladder, which has become a beacon for strategies, research and thought leadership that present an opportunity for collaboration, amplification and activation. Additionally, the report highlights the three transformational trends that have emerged as core growth drivers for B2B marketers: creativity, commitment and confluence, the anatomy of the BLI and the three key principles of BLI effectiveness.

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