BBN gains ground, adding new partners in Eastern Europe

Growing demand for B2B marketing services in developing economies is driving agency growth in the region

BBN, the world’s B2B agency, announced today it has added two more partners as part of its Emerging Europe Initiative launched a year ago. The two new BBN partner agencies—Diametro of Slovakia and Stoica in Romania—help grow the partnership’s global presence in B2B marketing, and especially further solidify BBN’s presence across Europe, now with 22 offices across 17 European countries.

“We are very excited to add Diametro and Stoica to our partnership,” said Clif Collier, BBN CEO. “Collectively, our clients are demanding we support them in emerging economies—especially as B2B organisations search for new opportunities—and they are looking for agencies who know the environment and can provide the local resources.”

The Emerging Europe Initiative, led by BBN Czech Republic Partner, Marco, has been a great success to date and promises additional partners in the next year as BBN continues to target Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Georgia and Serbia. The team at Marco will focus their efforts on raising awareness of BBN in the region as well as coordinating the recruitment of new partners.

Diametro is the first specialised B2B marketing agency in Slovakia and brings unconventional, intelligent and effective solutions to clients. Diametro uses “Sales Intelligence” to seek synergy between sales and marketing.

“When we set up our agency, we had a vision of supporting our clients break into new markets,” said Stano Merc, CEO, Diametro. “It was always a question of how exactly we would do this. With our new BBN partnership, we can do this easily and maintain a high degree of certainty that the support will be consistent and impactful.”

Stoica is a Romania-based B2B digital agency working with small and medium technology & software companies in Europe. Utilising a growth-driven design mindset, they focus on understanding the buyer and their journey, and how marketing actions can best serve them.

“We have enjoyed tremendous growth the last couple years and were looking for a resource to help our agency and our staff continue to evolve across borders,” said Andrei Stoica, CEO, Stoica. “BBN has such a great history of agency capacity building–as well as training and development of staff–that it simply was something we couldn’t pursue.”

BBN’s approach is based on identifying integrated delivery teams, which have in-depth industry experience, technical and creative competencies, as well as geographic coverage. By drawing on an extensive and diverse global talent pool with a variety of highly specialised skill sets from our global partners, BBN is able to give clients a one-agency experience.

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