Stellar Keynote Lineup for FACE [of] THE FUTURE B2B Marketing Event

BBN Announces Stellar Keynote Lineup for FACE [of] THE FUTURE Event

LONDON—November 24, 2021—BBN today announced the keynote lineup for their inaugural marketing conference, and the list includes an impressive who’s who of B2B Marketing. The three keynotes will cover the challenges at the core of the modern, senior marketer’s dilemma:

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS v2Following each keynote, BBN will hold a panel discussion that will focus on the individual issues associated with that keynote topic.

To complete each keynote theme, experts from BBN, our clients and sponsors will share real-world case studies and expertise that aims to support each topic.

“The job of a marketer continues to become ever more complicated. If you are facing unprecedented change, challenges, and opportunities, you will find value in attending this event. Our keynote speakers, and BBN’s partners, represent some of the best sales and marketing thinking, and we aim to give attendees a forum to gather, learn from experts, and perhaps just as importantly, learn from each other.” said Clif Collier, CEO, BBN.

Peter Field has been a marketing consultant for the last 25 years. In that time, he has focused on studying and researching the whole area of effectiveness in B2B marketing. Today he has a global reputation as an effectiveness expert and communicator and speaks and consults on this topic regularly around the world. Peter is a prolific writer. In two of his most recent works, The 5 Principles of Growth in B2B Marketing, produced in collaboration with Les Binet, and Effectiveness in context, he distils the importance and necessity of brand building in this age of hyper-targeted messaging and performance marketing. 

Dr Christine Bailey is CMO of PassFort, a SaaS RegTech provider whose platform automates financial crime and compliance processes. Christine has spent her career in B2B Tech/FinTech marketing roles, leading European marketing functions for Hewlett-Packard and Cisco Systems and pre-IPO companies. She is a published author of “Customer Insight Strategies: How to understand your audience and create remarkable marketing.”

Mark Choueke has had a 20-year career at the heart of global B2B marketing. Previously editor of Marketing Week magazine and earlier, B2B marketing titles Precision Marketing and Data Strategy, Mark has since worked directly or consulted for more than 50 B2B companies. He is the author of the international bestselling book ‘Boring2Brave: The bravery-as-a-strategy mindset transforming B2B marketing’.

FACE [of] THE FUTURE will offer marketers the opportunity to learn from some of the most awarded B2B marketing experts in the world.  For more information about the event, please visit our Event Hub .




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