Unprecedented change, challenges, and opportunities facing marketers prompts leading B2B organisation to offer first of its kind event.

LONDON—June 20, 2021—BBN, the world’s B2B agency, announced today it will host an invitation-only Senior Marketers’ conference on 3 February 2022 for B2B sales and marketing leaders. The event, FACE [of] THE FUTURE, aims to equip senior marketing leaders for their quickly evolving roles and will offer tailored agendas and keynotes across three different time zones.

“The job of a marketer continues to become ever more complicated with advancements in technology, the need for quality data and insights, global resourcing complexities, and the demands from the C-Suite to create stronger connections with customers,” said Annette Fernandes-Poyser, BBN Executive Director. “BBN’s partners represent some of the best sales and marketing thinking, and we wanted to give B2B sales and marketing leaders, a forum to gather, learn from our partners, and perhaps just as importantly, learn from each other.”

FACE [of] THE FUTURE will offer marketers the opportunity to learn from some of the most awarded B2B marketing experts in the world. The one-day virtual event will cover topics such as:

  • Repositioning the importance of the CMO role
  • Harmonising sales and marketing
  • Optimizing global to regional marketing
  • Redefining the client/agency relationship
  • Balancing the art and science of marketing communications

“Despite having the tools and technology at our disposal to accurately measure, quantify and prove the return on investment of sales and marketing activities, CMO stature and tenure, already amongst the lowest and shortest in the C-Suite, is shrinking year on year,” said Clif Collier, BBN Executive Chairman. “BBN represents some of the best thinking available in the global marketing industry and we aim to make that more broadly available.”

For more information, visit our live FACE [of] THE FUTURE event hub. 

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BBN will utilise a virtual event platform, which uses a combination of live and virtual integrations to give event attendees an engaging experience from the moment they “walk” through the conference doors.

Recognised in 2020 as the Number 1 International B2B Marketing Agency, BBN partners employ more than 1,150 B2B specialists working in 61 offices spanning 32 countries, and it has more than 500 clients from 23 different B2B sectors generating in excess of $187 million in global billings.


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