Adding agencies in key markets, BBN is answering client demand for international support – a key driver for the growth and expansion of BBN.

LONDON—March 31, 2021—BBN, the world’s B2B agency, announced today it has added two new agencies to its growing partnership. Green Hat, based in Melbourne, Australia and Handlangers of Ghent, Belgium have joined as partners. Both partners have multiple offices both locally, as well as internationally, and both bring capabilities to BBN that can be inculcated and shared to enhance the value and skill set of the entire partnership.

“As we continue our growth, we not only look at capabilities that partners can bring to the organisation but also where they can deliver services,” said Annette Fernandes-Poyser, BBN Executive Director.

“With the addition of these two partners, BBN is able to expand its existing coverage in Australia and extend into New Zealand, Benelux, and just as importantly, the West Coast of the United States.”

Founded just five years ago, Handlangers have quickly become one of the largest B2B agencies operating in the Benelux countries. Handlangers primarily offer channel marketing solutions to the IT/Tech sectors, as well as more traditional communications support to real estate investment organisations.

“We have been fortunate to experience rapid growth in our first five years, and we want to see that growth continue,” said Tom de Smaele, Co-Founder. “Part of our growth moving forward will be predicated on our ability to support our clients internationally and BBN will afford us the opportunity to provide our clients with a consistent level of service no matter the market.”

Green Hat joins BBN as the largest B2B-focused agency in Australia and provide their clients with a full suite of marketing services from strategy and planning through to automation and delivery.

“Our business has been built through the acquiring and sharing of knowledge,” said Andrew Haussegger, CEO, Green Hat. “BBN was attractive to us because of the intellectual property they have developed over the years and their ability to share that knowledge with partners and help upskill their teams.”

Recognised in 2020 as the Number 1 International B2B Marketing Agency[1], BBN partners employ more than 1,150 B2B specialists working in 61 offices spanning 32 countries, and it has more than 500 clients from 23 different B2B sectors generating in excess of $187 million in global billings.

[1] B2B Marketing, B2B Marketing Agency Benchmarking Report, 2020


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