Why you should not forget PR

Traditional Public Relations (PR) has fallen into the shadow of content marketing. However, PR can significantly benefit from the work you do within content marketing.

When I talk about PR in this context, I mainly think of media relations. However, the PR subject in principle embraces all communication with all your target groups. There is no reason to forget the media.

A recent survey from Hubspot shows that B2B customers look as much to press content as to supplier content (blog posts, etc.) when they make purchasing decisions. “Word of mouth” has the most significant meaning, followed by customer references. In shared third place are media articles and the suppliers’ content.

This evidence suggests that you should focus on these approaches to convince the customer to choose you:

  1. Deliver quality and build good customer relationships in all assignments so that they want to recommend you further. Customers rely most on the recommendations made by others.
  2. Work on good content, and let PR go hand in hand with content marketing.

“Do you do PR?”

If you have fallen into the trap of forgetting the media as part of the mix to reach the market, you are not alone.

By having content marketing and PR heads in the same team, we ensure that content marketing gets an even greater reach. We work this way with most of our customers, even though we still have some that focus only on PR or only on content marketing / inbound.

Content marketing and PR go hand-in-hand.

If you work with content marketing, you find good stories that resonate with the target groups or personas that you (hopefully) have defined. The overall communication goals are usually the same for both content marketing and PR. Working to find good stories that the media may be interested in works in principle the same. Ensuring that those who work with content have stories in mind that may also be of interest to journalists and their readers, the storytelling you work with to provide good content marketing now goes even further. That is why it is so important that marketing and PR do not work in separate silos.

A good agency will have teams that consist of different marketing skills. The goal being that PR should always be part of the mix. Although it is still easier to measure specific leads, results and ROI in content marketing, we see that customers even get sales leads from good media coverage. The channel is still too valuable to overlook.

The call is simple and straightforward: Do not forget the press.

We guarantee that you are sitting on stories and angles that deserve press coverage. Use your head and creativity; always think of the target group and reuse good content. So that content goes further.



Thanks for the photo by mauRÍCIO SANTOS on Unsplash


About the author

Brit Ingvild Holmem has worked within marcomms and PR since 2006, with extensive experience within the IT and technology B2B segment. She contributes both on a strategic and operational level for BBN Norway’s customers and takes pride in her sharp pen.

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