Three Pillars for International Exhibiting

Seventy-two percent of exhibitors participate in shows outside their home countries in an average of 7.5 international trade shows per year, according to EXHIBITOR Magazine’s 2015 International Exhibiting Survey. This is a 17 percent increase from 2013. Additionally, of the exhibitors surveyed, eight out of 10 have at least tentative plans to explore foreign markets in the next three years.

Are you part of this growing group going overseas? 

This exciting venture brings exponential value, from increasing brand awareness and leads, tracking your competitors and cultivating relationships. It also brings a new set of stressors and anxieties. Learning a new language or even adjusting to a time zone can be jarring, let alone the intimidating task of managing a complete face-to-face program.

Fortunately, the opportunities outweigh the obstacles and there are resources to alleviate any pain points. Of the many moving parts, start by prioritizing the following three pillars to lay the groundwork for your global program.

1. Trusted Partners
Align yourself with reliable support with impeccable reach. Trusted partner relationships can make the difference between an average program and an all-star program. An optimal face-to-face marketing agency together with pre-approved international partners can ensure you exhibit with certainty anywhere in the world. 

2. Team Perspective
What if you could cross continents without changing your day-to-day team? You have an internal team dedicated to your brand—you should expect the same with your agency. You’ve established a relationship and comfort with your agency account executive, so why would you want to find a new partner oversees? Find a provider that offers international services. You will benefit from their international network for partner selection, service coordination and day-to-day communication for your show services.

3. Tailored Programs
Define your investment with your intent in mind. Creating a replica of your home face-to-face program for a global audience won’t always work. Actually, it might make things more complicated. Define your global needs to develop a right-sized approach that balances your cost, schedule and performance expectations. Choose an agency that can help you with some of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make: the design, engagement, project management, construction, shipping, warehousing and on-site management.

By prioritizing these three things, global exhibits, events and environments function just as well as they would in the your home country. With the right mindset, you can turn languages, customs and cultures into assets—not obstacles. If you’re ready to tackle your first international event or elevate your existing program, we can work with you to penetrate—and succeed in—international markets.

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