Building the Click Travel Brand

CLIENT:Click Travel
TYPE: Brand Strategy & Planning


Click Travel is the UK’s fastest growing corporate travel management company that reduces the cost and complexity of managing business travel. They simplify the process of booking travel with their online booking tool that aggregates content from lots of different travel distribution networks into a single platform, giving customers more choice and more control, with policies that drive savings through behavioural change and policy compliance.


Click Travel needed to focus their efforts on attracting early movers away from the traditional TMC model as well as engaging with the emerging SME travel market by positioning themselves as an exciting and innovative SaaS tech company. We had a small window of opportunity to establish a bold new brand personality that would differentiate them in a crowded market, increase awareness of their next-gen SaaS product and bring their focus on product innovation to the fore.


Click Travel’s strong emphasis on technological innovation and the ‘all-in-one’ booking platform they provide, led us to a central and timeless brand essence of SEAMLESS BUSINESS TRAVEL. Their products were moving towards being ‘consumer- grade’, improving the experience for travel bookers within larger corporates and business travellers themselves, so this was a proposition that the brand would be able to stand behind for years to come. To communicate how smooth booking with Click Travel is, we created an aspirational character who encapsulates and personifies ‘smooth’: The World’s Smoothest Business Traveller. And why is he the smoothest? Because he’s always cool, calm, and collected, due to the fact his business travel runs seamlessly with Click Travel.

We developed a suite of advertising assets, centred around a hero video ad showcasing our lead character. Taking inspiration from the fashion and perfume world with slow motion, warm filters, and smooth motion transitions, interweaved with some subtle humour, we created a platform which would ensure huge standout for Click Travel amongst a uniform and often uninspiring sector. With the SME audience being so broad, no 1st party data to work with and a fairly modest media budget, we boxed clever with a multi-channel programmatic advertising strategy that leveraged 2nd and 3rd party data to identify demand and optimise performance. The programmatic campaign ran across display, video, audio and social media to drive impact from top to bottom of funnel.


  • 210% uplift in brand preference
  • 50% uplift in brand awareness
  • 123% increase in searches for ‘Click Travel’ YoY
  • 156 new company registrations to SaaS platform
  • 178 product demo bookings
  • 1600% ROMI from forecasted sales

Product Demo Bookings