BBN launches global initiative to support The World Bee Project

LONDON—December 16, 2021— This week, BBN launched a long-term initiative to support The World Bee Project CIC, the first private initiative in the world that remotely monitors bees to research the pollinator and pollination crisis from a global perspective.

It’s clear that humans need bees, but they are sadly under threat…

“Using AI and emerging technologies, The World Bee Project strives to restore, conserve and protect bees and biodiversity and help reduce the effects of climate change whilst also creating social impact. We welcome the warm-hearted support from BBN. Wonderful that BBN want to lead the way to showcase what Doing Business to Do Good can look like at both local and global levels.” –  Sabiha Malik, Founder and Executive President, The World Bee Project

Bees are suffering from high mortality rates, weakening health and productivity due to habitat destruction, climate change, disease and parasites, off-label pesticide use and pollution.

More than 40% of invertebrate pollinator species – particularly bees – are facing extinction, and the potential impact of this on agricultural production is just one of the factors behind last year’s stark warning on global food security from the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

If we lose bees, not only would the world economy be in peril, but we’ll also lose animals that feed on these flowers and vegetables. This, in turn, would crash the food chain, affecting all human quality of life in the future.

Supporting pioneering bee and human life-saving initiatives

BBN is supporting The World Bee Project to fund bee and human life-saving initiatives around the world by collecting donations to ensure that bees and humans thrive and survive together for many years to come.

Many perceive human involvement with bees as a gentle, whimsical activity carried out by beekeepers. The reality is our very existence depends on bees and their ability to sustain our food chain through pollination. The amazing initiatives and projects pioneered and championed by The World Bee Project inspired us to marshal our global resources in partnership with them. Saving the bee is an immense undertaking, but if a lot of people do a lot of little things, much as bees do to help us, it will make a difference. “ – Clif Collier, CEO, BBN Ltd



BBN hopes to raise funds to kick-off their long-term support for The World Bee Project’s ‘Bees and Biodiversity’ flagship, community-based, conservation programme.

The flagship programme will feature:

  • Regeneration and conservation of mangrove forests in southern India, and restoration and conservation of threatened species including honeybees, wild bees and the Slender Loris.
  • The social/ community aspect will consist of beekeeping training for women in need of sustainable livelihoods.

The money raised will cover the cost of the required beekeeping training and hive colony setup. The more we raise the more women and bee colonies we can help support. In 2022 The World Bee Project is launching its programme with 80 women from 30 villages in mangrove forests in South India. Over 3 years the programme will include 240 women, plant 6,000 bee-friendly plants to increase forage for bees, and add 600 bee colonies to enhance biodiversity, increase bee population, help anchor mangroves and stabilise biodiversity. A single hive/colony contains an average of 40,000 bees so 600 beehives will add around 24,000,000 bees.



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The World Bee Project

The World Bee Project CIC is the first private initiative in the world that remotely monitors bees to research the pollinator and pollination crisis from a global perspective. The World Bee Project uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), data analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT) and scientific study, and creates programmes that merge environmental, social and economic benefits to positively impact the future of ‘’Pollinators, People, and the Planet’’.


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