Helping to drive a more powerful, unified agency is the task of BBN Central and executive board.  Our executive board is comprised of experienced directors from BBN partners around the globe.

Annette Fernandes new scalia person
Annette Fernandes-Poyser
Executive Director
BBN Central
+971 50 550 2197

Annette joined BBN Central as a full time dedicated Executive Director. With over 22 years marketing experience working in agencies and on the client side, Annette manages BBN’s general day-to-day operations and helps streamline the agency’s communications.

Clif collier new scalia person
Clif Collier
Executive Chairman
BBN Central
+33 6 74 11 76 59

As chairman of BBN, Clif is responsible for driving the development of the vision and strategy for BBN. His experience in building an agency business into an international group specialising in oil & gas has been invaluable in understanding the cultural and operational challenges that face companies in delivering across borders and continents.

carola hecker new scalia person
Carola Hecker
Executive Account Director
BBN Germany
+49 162 251 0605

Carola’s expertise is in integrated communication, from Corporate/Employer brand definition to implementation across all channels and geographies. With Germany being a highly export-driven market, she has been involved with many of BBN’s international client accounts and heads BBN’s International Account Management Task Team.

Peter lyall scalia person
Peter Lyall
Group Director - BBN UK(Scotland)
BBN UK Aberdeen
+44 1224 626288

Peter is responsible for making the thinking visible and ensuring that clients truly benefit from investing in their brands. He has worked with many notable companies on major branding and messaging projects such as Technip, Petrofac, and BP. Peter also contributes to BBN’s BAM task team.

timo kruskopf scalia person
Timo Kruskopf
Managing Director - BBN Finland
BBN Finland
+358 28 145 0600

Timo has built branding and communications strategies for several domestic and international companies. He works as a senior strategic planner, customer experience developer and contact strategy developer.

marcelo castro new scalia person
Marcelo Castro
BBN Mexico
+305 513 8980

Marcelo’s professional and academic experience has allowed him to learn from industry leaders such as Apple, Adobe & MasterCard. These experiences have allowed him to develop and execute effective marketing strategies across dynamic and complex business contexts.

gerard bogaart scalia person
Gerard van den Bogaart
Managing Director
BBN Netherlands
+31 135 287 307

Gerard had 20 years working in both SME and corporate environments before taking over as managing Director of Referro. His corporate experience provides great value for clients as he is able to mix strategic insights and decisiveness in execution with only one goal in mind: to upgrade the effectiveness of the client’s marketing and sales processes.

richard parsons scalia person
Richard Parsons
Managing Director
BBN UK London
+44 207 9522120

Richard was an early pioneer of digital marketing and started one of London’s first full service digital agencies in 1998. Since then, he’s continued to focus his career helping b2b, tech, mobile and Internet brands. He has over 18 years’ marketing and account management experience working with both blue-chip and start-up companies and currently provides strategic consulting and planning across all his agency’s clients.