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STOICA.CO is a digital marketing agency established in 2014 specializing in web design and development.

They are helping B2B tech & software companies drive revenue & scale online with conversion-driven websites and inbound marketing campaigns.

Their work is based on the belief that you need to educate and help before you sell, and a company’s website can be the most effective marketing asset for growth.

Working with clients all over the world, STOICA.CO has a remote-first full-time team and partners all across Romania and Europe. They focus on building digital assets for their clients that help them grow sustainably.

Team team andrei

Andrei Stoica
Founder, Managing partner

Andrei is a sort of swiss knife with a diverse background. He’s a generalist with marketing management experience, product design, product management, design thinking, and entrepreneurship above all. He likes finding solutions to complex problems through a design thinking approach. team adelina

Adelina Rotariu
Founder, Head of operations

Adelina is the perfect project manager and the core of STOICA.CO, making sure processes go smoothly and everyone is on the same page. She manages both client relations and internal operations for the agency to make sure everyone is aligned with the objectives of their clients. team elena

Elena Iordache-Stoica
Head of growth

Elena started in sales for tech companies and switched to content marketing when she understood that it’s way better to lead with education and make sure you help your potential customers before you start asking for a meeting. She believes that a genuine focus on providing value, before anything else, could be a great strategy for any B2B tech company. team vlad

Vlad Stoica
Head of design

Visualizing ideas is built within his core being. He’s been drawing and building his whole life, so he loves structuring information and creating visual representations as a medium for promoting ideas. He usually works on web design, user interface design, user experience, or product design projects.


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For new business or general enquiries please contact:

T: +40 757 081 189