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The world’s b2b agency in the Netherlands

Referro is one of BBN’s oldest partners having joined in 1995. This Dutch agency has made a significant contribution to BBN’s journey and development. The Netherlands is a small country with a limited internal market, so like most Dutch companies, Referro is familiar with discovering new market opportunities across borders.

Best described as a B2B agency with full-service capability, they are experts in strategy through to market activation. With an integrated approach, they offer strong strategic concepts and develop distinctive ideas and campaigns.

They also have expertise in Martech like marketing automation, CRM and sales enablement. These bring great value to both BBN and their customers, achieving amazing results by combining these skills with their contact centre.

Referro has been awarded numerous times, but the best proof of their ability to bring value to customers is their 27-year track record of long-lasting client relationships. Proact is a perfect example of an international client that grew to appreciate the full extent of BBN’s global partnership offering.


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Gerard van den Bogaart
Agency owner

In 2013, after 20 years working in both SME and corporate environments, Gerard decided to combine his B2B marketing and sales experience with the strong competencies of Referro. His experience at the ‘client side of the business’ turned out to hold great value for clients. He is able to mix strategic insights and decisiveness in execution with only one goal in mind: to upgrade the effectiveness of the client’s marketing and sales processes. And pushing the limits every day!

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Bart Stovers
Agency Founder

One of the founders of the agency, Bart sold Referro to Gerard in 2015 but is still involved in client projects. Not because he has to, but because he wants to. Partly retired and partly doing the things he loves most in the B2B marketing field. With almost 3 decades of experience in the field of research, strategy, positioning and branding challenges, Bart knows how to contribute to our clients’ success.

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Edwin Wolters
Creative Director

An experienced creative mind dedicated to driving businesses. Edwin is in charge of all the creative processes at Referro. He has the ability to translate strategic insights and creative briefings into ideas and campaigns that distinguish our clients from their competitors. He produces his best work when he is alone in his studio listening to ‘not so easy listening’ music. A do not disturb sign is not needed, music coming out of the studio is a sign for his colleagues that creativity is in progress!

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Carl Derks
Marketing architect and Client Services Director

Carl joined the agency in 2010. After working in various product management and marketing & communication management jobs he decided on this career switch and joined the agency side of the business. His clients benefit from his understanding of their internal challenges and has a strong track record working for clients in ICT, Manufacturing and Trade. A very results driven, loyal and fun-to-work-with kind of guy.

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Jesper Mommers
Marketing technologist and rising star

Jesper grew up in a digitalized world. His marketing skills and knowledge are well developed, but what makes him indispensable for our clients is the ability to combine those skills with his extensive knowledge of marketing technology. Jesper is in charge of our martech activities. Marketing automation platforms, CRM and sales enablement tools hold no secrets for him. Clients who work with Jesper, quickly start to see him as one of their colleagues.

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Suzan Spermon
Manager contact centre

Referro employed Suzan in 2010 to bring Referro’s contact centre and telemarketing activities to the next level. Nowadays she is in charge of an effective team of experienced agents. Suzan and her team prove on a daily basis the value of offline contact by telephone when integrated into B2B marketing and sales processes supported by creative, social campaigns and marketing technology. Outbound calls based on lead-scoring models are a guarantee for valuable sales qualified leads for our clients.


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For new business or general enquiries please contact:

T:+31 135 287 307