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The world’s b2b agency in Latin America

Since joining forces in 2017, MarketLogic has been an invaluable partner, opening doors to some of the most pivotal markets in Latin America for BBN.

Our agency prides itself on delivering a distinctive blend of regional strategy straight from our vibrant Miami headquarters, combined with the finesse of local insights and execution across key locations such as Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and the US.

Operating under the mantra of “ideas meet results,” MarketLogic brings a pragmatic approach to this thriving part of the world for BBN’s clients and partners. Our creativity harmonizes seamlessly with a robust communication strategy, compelling messaging, and a diversified channel mix, ensuring the maximization of measurable opportunities for both awareness and lead generation. Specialists in partner marketing, content creation, ABM strategizing, and social media management, MarketLogic boasts a team of experts capable of meeting the needs of any budget.

In our pursuit of excellence, MarketLogic integrates its digital and traditional in-house creative and media planning teams within our seven major contact centers, forming a cohesive unit dedicated to achieving your goals. With MarketLogic by your side, consider your access to Latin America’s and US markets not just expanded but strategically and creatively navigated.


Marcelo Castro

Marcelo Castro
Founder and CEO

Marcelo brings 20 years of international business expertise, excelling in strategic development and hands-on execution in the consumer and technology sectors. His career highlights include key roles at Apple Latin America, Sony Ericsson, HBO Group, General Mills, Samsung, and Sharp Electronics. Marcelo is also the visionary founder of XL Worldwide, a premium transport and logistics firm in Latin America and the Caribbean, enhancing MarketLogic’s competitive edge. His leadership elevates MarketLogic in the global business arena.

Hernan Brana

Hernán Braña
Co-Founder, SVP Business Development and Partnerships

He brings over 20 years of experience in international marketing and advertising, creating and implementing makerting strategies for global enterprises such as: Mastercard, Intel, Lenovo, Abbott, American Express, Sony and more.

Hernan has also been a jury in International Marketing and Creativity Festivals.


Santiago Pereira
Territory Manager NORAM

With over a decade of experience in traditional and digital marketing, Santiago specializes in driving growth for B2B and B2C brands.

He is experienced in the advertising industry having worked in global agencies collaborating with renowned brands such as Citrix, VMWare, Adobe, Samsung, Pepsi, and MoneyGram. His track record speaks of a dedicated professional committed to propelling brands to success, being proficient in Digital Marketing, Demand Generation, and Sales Acceleration.


Alfredo Castro
Territory Manager Central America & Caribbean

With over eight years of experience in marketing and business development, Alfredo is a creative professional specialising in revenue growth and optimisation. Currently serving as Regional Territory Manager at MarketLogic, he previously excelled as Marketing Operations Lead, where he crafted innovative marketing processes, managed performance evaluation, and ensured system functionality. Alfredo possesses certifications in email marketing and inbound sales, excels in lead/demand generation, and has worked with brands like Adobe, VMware, HPE, Mastercard, SAP, Microsoft, Xerox, Intel, Veritas, Alteryx, Freshworks, and channel distributors.


Sebastian Vasquez
Country Manager – Chile

Sebastian brings 20 years of experience in digital marketing and a deep understanding of technology’s role in achieving business growth. He excels in digital marketing strategies, mass media, and technology-based product development. Sebastian seeks a balance between rational and emotional elements, prioritizing sustainability and utilizing automation and gamification for new initiatives that benefit both companies and people.

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Paz Terluk
Country Manager – Mexico

Paz has over 10 years of comprehensive marketing experience, collaborating with various brands and industries, including Grupo Real Turismo, Multiva, HPE, Generac, Nokia, Sears, and MoneyGram, among others. Her journey in marketing has spanned from traditional approaches, involving consumer activations and large-scale campaigns, to B2B and digital marketing, with a specialization in demand generation. However, she has never lost her passion for event organization and relationship building.

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Jeniffer Cruces
Country Manager – Peru

Jeniffer is a Summa Cum Laude graduate in Advertising Sciences with the New Blood Award in London and a recent Mercurio Latinoamericano award. She holds a diploma in Strategic Planning from the Miami Ad School and an Innovation Certification from MIT. With a decade of experience, Jeniffer has led impactful marketing campaigns for Unilever, Microsoft, and more. At MarketLogic, she leads IBM’s Latin American partner marketing strategy, driving innovation and impact.

kathy e1705729447855

Kathy Cifuentes
Country Manager – Colombia

Kathy believes in leaving a positive mark on others, both professionally and personally. With 15+ years of experience in advertising and marketing, she excels in B2B and B2C strategies. Kathy’s expertise includes account-based marketing, digital strategies, branding, event organization, content marketing, demand generation, and innovation. She’s skilled in planning and integrating creative processes, values collaboration, and enjoys helping others develop their talents and achieve their dreams.


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For new business or general enquiries please contact:

T:+305 513 8980