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The world’s b2b agency in Melbourne

Green Hat has grown to become Australia’s largest agency focused on ‘considered purchase’ marketing. They help their clients drive exceptional customer experience, automate marketing operations to drive effectiveness and grow pipeline outcomes. They are a full-service B2B agency with capability in strategy, research, brand development, digital and social media, content marketing, automation and analytics.

They become business partners with their clients and have many multi-year service engagements with blue-chip brands. For over a decade, they have authored the B2B Marketing Research Report with the Australian Marketing Institute, which is the most comprehensive study of intentions and directions in B2B marketing in the region.


Andrew Haussegger CEO

Andrew Haussegger

Andrew is an ex-software engineer turned B2B marketer with a passion for customer lifecycle and engagement marketing for the ‘considered’ buying process. ​He developed the 3C3P Customer Lifecycle Marketing method – a strategic marketing approach adopted by many blue-chip firms including USG Boral, Mercer and Korn Ferry. ​Andrew co-authors the annual Green Hat/AMI B2B Marketing Research report, Australia’s leading study on the state of the B2B marketing landscape in Australia. ​

Stuart 300 SQ

Stuart Jaffray
Managing Director

Stuart is a creative, data-driven business leader with a proven track record of driving long-term sustainable growth. ​

He offers over 20 years’ customer, digital, CRM, data and brand expertise having previously held the position of Managing Director at one Melbourne’s largest media agencies; AU CMO for one of world’s most valuable brands; and in client leadership at CRM and creative agencies.

Tushar Warrier Head of Growth

Tushar Warrier
Group Account Director & Head of Growth

Tushar has worked with B2B and B2C brands across the Asia Pacific region, particularly in Singapore, India and Australia. He leads Green Hat’s business development activities, keeping a finger on the pulse of the market and the burning pain points of the customer. He leads exploratory workshops with client leadership teams to scope solutions with a focus on commercial outcomes. He is a trusted consultative advisor to many of Green Hat’s clients.

Rochelle Sanko Creative Director

Rochelle Sanko
Creative Director

Rochelle is Green Hat’s resident brand expert. She brings two decades of industry experience in brand and creative strategy, identity creation, evolution and ongoing management (internal and external), as well as campaign creation.​ Rochelle has led creative studios in Australia and New Zealand and assisted a diverse range of businesses to communicate their brands effectively across the entire customer journey.​

Joel 300 SQ

Joel Thomson 
Content Director

Joel is a content and communications specialist, an entrepreneur and a thought leader. A hands-on content creator; with deep experience in digital change and innovation. ​​

At Green Hat, Joel works with clients to realise their content marketing aspirations, with a strong focus on effective engaging customer experiences and brand communication platforms built to last.

Jakob Naumann Head of Digital

Jakob Naumann 
Head of Digital Experience

Jakob is an experienced and analytical digital marketer with ​a deep understanding of Marketing Automation, MarTech, Integrations, E-Commerce and Omnichannel Digital Experiences in B2B and B2C environments.​ He has founded two digital startups and led digital experience environments for two large Australian retailers. At Green Hat, he works ​with clients to accelerate ​digital marketing and marketing automation strategies, with a clear focus on the digital experience.

Lisa 300 SQ

Lisa Degen 
ABM Program Director

Lisa has built ABM programs to nurture top-tier clients, deepen relationships and that have been credited to secure further business. Throughout her career, she has led and worked in teams where they have moved mountains with passion and good strategy. She values collaborating and developing creative projects. Lisa is known for crystallising concepts and wowing audiences with programs that start a real conversation and move the needle.


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For new business or general enquiries please contact:

T: +61 3 9290 9777