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The world’s b2b agency in Slovakia

Diametro is the first specialised B2B marketing agency in Slovakia. It brings unconventional and intelligent solutions by utilising “Sales Intelligence”. It seeks synergy between sales and marketing and teaches clients the preparation of value-oriented offers.

Diametro has had a significant number of clients targeting Europe and globally, so its partnership with BBN also supports its growth ambitions.

Diametro begins cooperation with companies that know their value proposition. Then, they automate their sales and set up outreach activities that bring in qualified leads. They expand collaboration through the creation of valuable content and a multichannel outbound approach.


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Stanislav Merc
Managing Director

Stano has many years of hands-on experience in sales-led roles. He now manages the first B2B agency in Slovakia focused on improving the conversion to sales for their B2B clients.

He accelerate business growth for his clients by using online channels, LinkedIn strategies, measuring data and creating content.


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