The world’s b2b agency in Canada

tag enterprise has been the exclusive Canadian partner of BBN since 2010, headquartered in Toronto. They are an award-winning B2B advertising and communications agency, motivated by the powerful notion that people, not businesses, make business decisions. tag re-humanises B2B brands to achieve meaningful intimacies that drive brand affinity and sales.

Since joining BBN, tag has grown to become an invaluable agency partner in the Canadian B2B sector. They are proficient in developing emotionally-driven, meaningful brand strategy supported by fully integrated communications planning, development and activation.

Creativity is the cornerstone of the agency’s DNA, and its creative-solutions mindset leverages the immense power of all channels. These include advertising, social media, PR, traditional and digital media as well as direct marketing – working seamlessly to achieve their clients’ objectives.

Often working in synergy with fellow BBN agencies, tag has collaborated on assignments in Canada, the US, Germany, the UK, Singapore and China.


Matt Orlando
Leading Strategy and Planning

Over 20 years ago, Matt had a goal in mind: set out to create an agency with a truly integrated philosophy. He built BBN Canada (tag) to be a place where departments are seamless, where cross-functional expertise was the norm, and where great ideas are born anywhere. However, his goal wasn’t just to start an agency that was about great creative, but about great creative solutions. Since then, he’s worked closely with many of North America’s top B2B brands, including Kraft, Mitsubishi, Primus, Honda, AkzoNobel and Nestlé, to fully understand their business objectives and initiate strategic and communications plans that foster real growth.

Fabio Orlando
Leading Creative and Digital

With an uncanny knack for influencing people, Fabio develops creative strategies that don’t respond to culture, but create it. He spent a short time at other shops before catapulting himself into entrepreneurship. Armed only with his passion, a sense of humour, and his fearlessness – tag was born. He’s contributed to the success of a multitude of varied brands in the B2C and B2B space. Fabio encourages others to think bigger, trust their gut, and steer clear of naysayers. He believes there’s always a way.

Danica Wolch
Leading Client Service

An accomplished and tireless leader with the ability to understand, simplify and articulate the most comprehensive brand strategies, with a keen eye to the nuances of flawless campaign executions. A skilled communicator who thrives on motivating teams to achieve outstanding results. Danica has worked with some of Canada’s best brands including Wal-Mart, Cadbury, Bausch + Lomb, Pelmorex, First Choice Haircutters and Philips.

Daniel Baker
Director of Social Media

As comfortable communicating in memes as he is in words, Dan lives and breathes social media. Experienced in launching brands on multiple platforms, developing social media strategies, and designing campaigns, he relies on sound insights rooted in analytics to shape his communications. Dan has lead conversations with millions of consumers on behalf of Valeant Canada, vitaminwater, Mercedes-Benz, Nestle, Unilever, First Choice Haircutters and many more.



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