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Client: Corteva Pioneer Seeds

Type: Integrated Campaign


Pioneer Seed Brands used to have an overwhelming majority of market share. Partly through lack of continual R&D investment, increased competition, and corporate buy-outs which further drained reinvestments, Pioneer has lost that leadership position.

Our brief, in the client’s words, was to bring Pioneer’s swagger back.

In essence, convince our sales force and our farmer audience that Pioneer is once again the leader in innovation and performance.


We approached the problem in two stages. Stage one was directed at our sales force because without an energized sales team, we couldn’t hope to succeed. This stage consisted of three different direct mail pieces, all promoting the theme that we were revolutionizing corn seed development. The first was a box containing a petri dish with a small piece of paper in it. On the paper was a few sentences that were so tiny, they couldn’t be read. So we also included a magnifying tool that attaches to one’s cell phone. The message was, “All revolutions start small….” The next box contained a coffee thermos with coffee beans and a small booklet. “The revolution is fueled by sleepless nights.” And the final box contained a Google-Mini, with a card that said, “Hear the voices of the revolution.” Underneath was a link to our podcast, 14 episodes exploring the science behind the seeds.

Stage two was directed at farmers. This stage consisted of a new website, cornrevolution.com, and national/regional print.


The client confirmed we had fully met the brief, in their words: “We got our swagger back”. The campaign is still ongoing, but so far we have received a 95% campaign affirmation amount the sales network and generated leads in excess of USD $80 million.

Generated sales
$88 M

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