What’s your welding challenge?

Client: Fronius

Type: International integrated campaign


Fronius Perfect Welding is the technological leader in all things welding. Due to the rise of global competition Fronius developed a new strategy in 2017 to connect Fronius closer with their target groups. Fronius wanted to develop a unique dialog via personal exchange and digital networking to position them as the partner that helps their clients face the challenges of the future.


A good dialogue starts with asking the right questions. That’s why we decided to focus on one central question: What’s your welding challenge? We put the question into the context of ‘over-the-top’ welding situations: fascinating, breath-taking welding scenarios like underwater welding in a shark cage or the welding astronaut in space.

The Call-to-Action directly leads to a digital exchange platform which offers the audience the opportunity to write about their personal welding challenge. The most important challenges were then analysed and tackled by Fronius.


As well as the idea being loved by the client, there were over 50 challenges submitted by potential customers on the exchange platform and the most of them had the potential to end with a collaboration with the submitting parties.

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