We Are The Engine. You Are The Heart.

Client: MDC Power

Type: Brand Strategy, Integrated Campaign

Since 2003, MDC Power has produced more than 4 million diesel and petrol engines for almost every car and transporter series of the Mercedes-Benz brand. The company supplies automotive factories on five continents and is known for its high-quality product and exceptional production flexibility. MDC Power faced an interesting challenge: it did not have enough personnel to cover the growing demand for its products.


To boost awareness of brand and compete with well-known brands for workforce resources, wob launched a massive integrated campaign centered on the idea that MDC Power employees are the heart of the company, just as the engines they build become the heart of the premium cars the engines fit into. The campaign was first launched to employees and then rolled out to the public in the form of print, digital and out-of-home ads, among other things. All communications linked to a new corporate recruitment site.


  • The website saw 40,033 visitors.
  • Visitors remained on the website for nearly four minutes, visiting an average of 4.33 pages per visit.
  • 24,059 job advertisements were looked at, and people clicked “apply” 8,544 times.

With this employer branding campaign, MDC Power has aroused more than just a little interest from potential employees. It also created more motivation and commitment with the current workforce.