Looking forward, giving back

Client: University of Aberdeen

Type: Brand platform

The University of Aberdeen Development Trust wanted a unique identity that would create a brand platform for continual fundraising activities. They wanted an identity to stand the test of time, not something that would be solely campaign led.


We set to work devising a strictly controlled identity programme that would preserve the relationship of the Trust to its parent brand in all its communications activities.

A central idea was developed, giving the Development Trust a position that brought key themes together – preservation of heritage, patronage of students and progress of innovation. We devised a tagline that answered everything perfectly: Looking forward, giving back.


The result? Branding with a feeling of worth. One with gravity and stature. One that reflected the true value of how it feels to give a legacy to such a worthwhile cause.

“We are confident that Fifth Ring has helped us to build a solid foundation for future fundraising successes and look forward to an ongoing fruitful partnership.”

Lorna Christie, The University of Aberdeen Development Trust