Tone Down the Metal, Man!

Client: Zoetis - Hoof-tec

Type: Integrated Campaign

A dairy cow’s footbath hasn’t changed in 20 years. It’s still long, ankle-deep and, most important, swimming with too much copper sulfate metal. Add that it’s a largely overlooked category, and even a great metal-minimizing solution like HOOF-TEC™ would need help turning heads. Enter “Too Much Metal,” a campaign that tackles metal mania with in-your-face, heavy-metal hair band bros. Shot by celebrity photographer Matt Hoyle in New York City, this campaign quickly and unforgettably rocked our target with useful, high-impact media placements both internally and out in the field.


In order to jolt the target audience out of the norm and reach very lofty awareness goals set by the client, BBN USA (Milwaukee) developed a high-impact, high-awareness campaign backed by a well-integrated content strategy to introduce HOOF-TEC footbath products: scientifically engineered for a more efficient footbath — allowing producers to use up to 40 percent less copper sulfate.


  • Print and web banner impressions attracted 1,402,438 total impressions
  • Website: 5,121 page views. More than two minutes average on site.
  • One of the most widely used dairy e-tools available to the sales force.
  • Launch news releases: Total impressions — 447,848
  • Launch story was the most-clicked story of the March Inside Dairy Wellness e-newsletter issue in both the producer and veterinarian versions
  • Facebook posts from March to September resulted in a reach of 10,651; 597 total clicks; 226 likes/comments/shares