Re-branding for differentiation

Client: Grensloos

Type: Brand Strategy and integrated campaign


Grensloos is a specialist in the field of e-commerce and e-logistics software. They approached BBN Netherlands to help them tell a more differentiating story to their customers and thus help them steer off the competition and gain a higher marketshare./p>


As a first step we carried out some in-depth discovery work that included executing research on competition, the market, persona’s and the comapny’s existing communications. After several workshops with the client it was agreed that the company, needed a re-brand, to include a new name and positioning statement. That was then further developed into a creative concept for a long running campaign to re-launch the new brand.


The new name and positioning statemetn became:


The campaign slogan “Possibilities without end” is visually interpreted in a unique, emotive and highly differential style with unique imagery and provided the foundations for some great story telling, that was more compelling and created a level of curiosity for the customer.

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