Partner Central Marketing

Client: Cisco Systems, Inc.

Type: Content Marketing

Channel partners are a key pillar of Cisco’s sales strategy. To help them grow their business and sell Cisco more effectively, Cisco provides a wealth of resources and training via an online portal. Despite its utility, the portal was daunting to first-time visitors. We helped Cisco develop content to make it more relatable, and drum up registrations.


The substantial breadth and depth of resources demanded fine-grained targeting. The portal was aligned along specific job roles. Corresponding personas were then defined within the partner audience, and characters created to give partners relatable counterparts in their journey that was brought to life using animated visual explainers.


Cisco features these visual explainers on Partner Central and YouTube, to attract new partners and members of existing partners. Through the videos, they learn about the utility of Partner Central and its value to their business in a manner that’s most relevant to their job role. This conveys a much stronger message than a single, catch-all explainer, and helps drive registrations.