Onsite with Navman

Client: Navman Wireless

Type: Print Advertising

Navman Wireless is a global leader in GPS-based fleet-management solutions. Key products and services including tracking, messaging and integrated satellite navigation systems are improving the margins of 15,500 customers across four continents. In Australia and New Zealand, Navman Wireless sought to reposition the brand more strongly in the enterprise space.


Observing industry jargon and typical imagery, we asked ourselves how we could do things differently. Our idea was simply to tell Navman Wireless’ story well by finding an insight, delivering it in a fresh way and executing it with craft and passion. Simple relevant ideas, delivered well, that is all.


The campaign has been a massive success! Breaking the records; achieving awareness, sales qualified leads, strong growth and even creating new jobs. What could be better than that? How about large numbers of potential customers inviting Navman Wireless to tender for the first time? The future looks bright.