Niche Industry product launch

Client: Teknos

Type: Product Launch


Paint and coating manufacturer Teknos has developed a new, globally unique solution for the wind power industry. The elastomer-based solvent-free coating technology TEKNOBLADE REPAIR 9000 is a cost-saving, sustainable innovation designed specifically for the task of repairing wind turbine blades. Teknos wanted to raise awareness of their revolutionary product and to improve sales internationally. The target group consists of wind turbine maintenance companies in select countries. ​


To understand the problems and needs of the target group thoroughly, we defined buyer personas together with Teknos. We also planned persona-based content for each phase of the buyer’s journey. Based on these detailed plans, we built a website and Google Ads and social media campaigns to introduce the product to a well-defined audience.


Wind turbine maintenance companies across Europe and the USA showed great interest in the valuable, targeted content. For example, visitors arriving through LinkedIn spent an average of 4 minutes, on the site, with a bounce rate of only 19.81%. For organic searches, the respective results were approximately 3 minutes and 14.85 %. The Google Ads campaigns, launched initially in 4 countries, had a CTR of 3.09 %.

Google Ad CTR

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