Matching Today’s Expectations

Client: BENEO

Type: Integrated Campaign

Muesli for breakfast, a quick snack at lunchtime and pizza in the evening — eating habits have changed drastically in the last 20 years. That’s not big news. People’s expectations of food, however, are new. Food not only has to be quick and easy to prepare, it also has to be healthy and functional.

Enter BENEO. As a manufacturer of functional ingredients for the food industry, the Südzucker subsidiary is committed to contributing to a better, healthier diet. BBN Germany’s job was to strengthen and emotionalize the brand to set it apart from its competitors.


The idea was to position BENEO as an innovative supplier that meets all the expectations of modern consumers through its portfolio of functional ingredients, making the company an indispensable partner to food manufacturers.

The campaign slogan, “Matching today’s expectations: smart ingredients for healthy lifestyles,” is visually interpreted in a unique, emotive and highly differential collage of lifestyle portraits. Each portrait, created by American artist Derek Gores, is composed of text, graphics and images that relate to BENEO ingredients and their use in everyday life. The result is a series of unique visuals.

These visual elements pervade the brand’s corporate communications as a whole. The images appear on the corporate website, in international print and online media, brochures and trade fair display.


Since the campaign launch the website has received up to 400 percent more visitors per month. Despite a relatively low media budget, one third of decision-makers who see the material remember the campaign — even five months after its launch! Heightened awareness and a high grade of recognition help BENEO continuously maintain their position in saturated markets and gain shares in new markets.