Local & Alive


Type: Digital Campaign, App Creation

The Pfalzwerkzeug app, created by German energy supplier Pfalzwerke Aktiengesellschaft, is free of charge and combines current news, events and mobility for the German regions of Pfalz, Saarland and Rhein-Neckar. These are quite rural regions, but they have great landscapes and lots of events. The app bundles current, interesting and relevant content and, therefore, makes it easy for the user to stay current on regional information and events.


Wob identified and contacted several news organizations and set up individual technical interfaces in order to ensure all articles are up to date. More than 10 different data sources (from regional publishing houses to famous blogs) supply information automatically to app. This information is supplemented with manually generated highlight articles. Last but not least, Pfalzwerkzeug also offers time tables of regional public transportation and a map of all e-bike charging stations.


The Pfalzwerkzeug app supports the strategic positioning of Pfalzwerke and links the brand with the region and its people. The app brings the brand world to life by using content in an authentic way. Because the app creates a different way of interacting with the brand, it supports the identification with Pfalzwerke and freshens up the brand’s appearance.