Lead Generation Goes International

Client: CLAAS

Type: Integrated Campaign

CLAAS, a leading European tractor manufacturer, needed to actively support its distribution partners in acquisition of customers. The challenge was to record all customer feedback, both online and offline, and pass that information along to sales for further processing.


Wob developed an international dialogue campaign focusing on multistage mailings and a microsite. The two-stage mailing informed farmers about the range of CLAAS tractors available and contained a feedback element with questions about the farmers’ businesses and machinery. It also contained a teaser for a prize competition and a link to the microsite for more information. All activities were backed by an internet-based CRM system to generate real-time analyses and reports.


One- or two-stage communication incentives have been carried out in a number of European countries, some for several years in succession. The results, in terms of response rates, have exceeded all expectations. Besides the sales support measures for the tractor division, the communication strategy has been extended to harvesters and the after-sales division as well.