Dimension Data Asia-Pacific Content Marketing

Client: Dimension Data

Type: Content Marketing

Technology solution providers in today’s enterprise IT market face a monumental challenge as savvy prospects gain control of the purchasing process. Providers can only compete by evolving into business transformers, delivering specialized, industry-specific expertise. GetIT Comms helped Dimension Data, a leading global technology solutions provider, achieve this through content marketing.


Dimension Data’s content marketing communicates the business value of its solutions through verticals, horizontals and solution categories, using content hubs, videos and case studies. It integrates marketing automation into its content hubs, measuring content performance and tracking leads through their life cycles. LinkedIn tools bridge sales and marketing gaps by narrowing quality prospects. We also partnered with technology publications to boost outreach through content hosting and email marketing to rented databases.


In nine months, Dimension Data achieved growths of 15 percent in lead generation, 21 percent in conversions to sales qualified leads (SQL) and a 13.5 percent uptick in revenue. There was a fundamental shift in positioning to prospects, customers and third-party audiences, transforming Dimension Data into a business transformation architect enabled by technology.