Delivering the Visionary

Client: Bausch + Lomb

Type: Direct Marketing

Eye care professionals (ECPs) are too busy with their everyday practices to focus on growing and managing their businesses. Bausch + Lomb wanted to invigorate the category by sharing interesting content in a digital format to ECPs across Canada, positioning themselves as an industry leader and trusted resource for information, thus prompting ECPs to recommend Bausch + Lomb to their patients.


Tag enterprise developed a newsletter called The Visionary to be deployed to ECPs across Canada on a bimonthly basis, helping to elevate Bausch + Lomb as an industry expert. A repository of content from relevant focus areas allows for the customization of each installment depending on seasonal trends, marketing trends, business-building tips or tools and thought leadership articles focused on Bausch + Lomb products.


By empowering ECPs with Bausch + Lomb content, tag enterprise is positioning the brand as a trustworthy source of information among their largest target audience. Newsletter open rates have exceeded averages by as much as 28 percent.