Cyphrex™ Microfibers

Client: Eastman Chemical Company

Type: Launch Campaign

Eastman Chemical Company manufactures chemicals, fibers and plastics, which are used as key ingredients in products used by people every day.

Eastman Cyphrex microfibers is one of Eastman’s latest developments within the nonwovens marketplace. Cyphrex unlocks new opportunities for differentiated, high-performance, high-value products for nonwovens media producers and their customers in filtration, specialty papers and beyond.


In 2010, BBN USA (Milwaukee) helped Eastman develop the Cyphrex brand, positioning and messaging. Bader Rutter worked with Eastman to create the marketing communications plan and successfully launch Cyphrex into the nonwovens marketplace in 2013.

Cyphrex was unveiled at the IDEA13 Show, and was pushed live. Pre-event outreach and show interviews introduced Eastman experts and led to media coverage.


Press releases of the launch were picked up by numerous media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, Financial Post and CNBC. The launch drove 6,020 new users to, with an average visit duration of 5:21.

This campaign helped position Eastman as a technical and thought leader and successfully launched Cyphrex into the nonwovens market.