Creating differentiation in a competitive marketplace

Client: Peterson Offshore

Type: Strategic repositioning


Peterson Offshore Group went to BBN’s specialist oil & gas agency partner concerned that their lack of differentiation in the marketplace, combined with a depressed oil price and increasing pressure of competitive margins meant that their offering was being commoditized and their differentiation was remaining hidden. After considerable amounts of qualitative and quantitative research internally and externally, BBN UK, using their proven tools and methodologies was able to create a new positioning for the Group.


This new positioning presented the group as a new model for logistics, with stunning use of tilt shift photography techniques, would show how time-pressed logistics managers could find it easier to remotely track vital supplies offshore. This material was created in numerous formats, both online and offline, including literature,  brochure ware, exhibition stands material for the Offshore Technology conference in Houston as well as an internal comms campaign. In doing this, they could also further strengthen their new positioning – Trust Well Placed.


While the rest of the industry has been retracting, Peterson Offshore Group has been expanding with major appointments of senior individuals. In addition, we have won the Shell contract from our main competitor. Our differentiation, combined with our sophisticated offer played a significant part in that win.

Expansion in depressed market

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