Client: ASG, The Heico Companies

Type: Brand Strategy, creation & management


In recent years, the Applied Solutions Group (ASG) at The Heico Companies has been dramatically expanding its reach and capabilities as a global leader in the cargo securement business. In 2019, ASG’s business strategy called for creating a unique brand that could be employed to sell its products directly into the domestic market in China.

Having previously helped ASG initiate their global brand strategy, BBN was engaged for the project. Our international team included Bader Rutter (BBN USA/Milwaukee) as lead agency, tag enterprise (BBN Canada) and Brandigo, an agency in Shanghai recruited to join this BBN project team.


Employing our proprietary Brand Asset Management (BAM) model, BBN facilitated brand strategy development by working in close collaboration with a cross-functional, international client team to Identify market insights, explore target audience perspectives, conduct a competitive analysis, develop an Offering Profile of features, advantages and benefits, define Targeted Propositions for key audiences

Once the strategic foundation was established, the BBN team applied our BAM model’s extensive brand name evaluation process:

  • Ideation for a wide array of name possibilities
  • Filtering for sound, meaning, major Chinese dialects
  • Preliminary trademark review and eliminations
  • Shortlist of best potential name candidates
  • Testing with internal/external target audiences for relevance
  • Recommended name and rationale
  • Trademark availability confirmed by client legal team


The conclusion:  The best combination of Chinese characters that would represent the desired brand attributes: Anzhida.

The Chinese characters in the name Anzhida convey the essential strategic brand message of consistently providing safe and attentive delivery.

Bringing the brand to life

Having determined the brand name, our BBN team moved into the creative process, sharing recommended options and evaluating alternatives to arrive at a unique logo and tagline for the new brand. The final act was our creation of an extensive set of brand guidelines at 30+ pages, one version in English and one in Chinese, with elements including:

  • Logo: treatments, placement, clearance space, sizing instructions
  • Typography: English, Chinese, screen substitutes
  • Colors: primary, secondary, color options
  • Photography: styling choices, subject choices, cropping and placement
  • Supplementary graphic elements: icons, infographics, etc.
  • Application samples: stationery, business cards, etc.

Anzhida is now ready to go to market…

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