Cool Chemistry in Action

Client: Seal-Tite® International

Type: PR, Event

Downhole sealant producer Seal-Tite® International wanted to use an appearance at the 2014 Offshore Europe exhibition to let the industry know about the advanced science and technology capabilities that enable it to solve complex downhole problems. Effectively, it plugs leaks.


When it came to thinking of a way to capture the attention of the crowds at Offshore Europe, what better way to tell Seal-Tite’s story than by demonstrating this super-cool chemical reaction?

However, the reaction itself lacked some of the visual spectacle necessary to capture the imagination of the masses. We needed to think of something cooler.

So we did. Literally. We replaced the downhole sealant reaction with a live demonstration of another, more impactful liquid-to-solid transformation — the near-instant freezing of cream into ice cream using liquid nitrogen. This contextual, yet relatable and engaging, idea struck exactly the right tone.

We enrolled the services of Scottish chef John McCruden — an expert in liquid nitrogen gastronomy — to help. Having previously missed out on beating the world record for performing this culinary trick by just a few tenths of a second, we asked John to try again, this time in front of crowds of visitors to Offshore Europe. His displays would be supported by a liquid nitrogen ice cream giveaway using samples pre-made by John and distributed in branded Seal-Tite containers.


As intended, the campaign caused quite a stir. Seal-Tite was hoping to achieve local coverage, but we got them so much more than that, gaining airtime and column inches with influential international industry media. Overall, we reached an estimated audience of almost 1.4 million. Seal-Tite has confirmed to Fifth Ring that media interest and resulting coverage has led directly to valuable sales leads for the company.