Beware of Dangerous Fakes

Client: Dentsply Sirona

Type: Awareness Campaign


Dentsply Maillefer is a leader in their field of Endodontics. Their star products are steel or nickel titanium files that are used for the treatment of root canals. Recently, the distributors and local sales reps are facing issues of counterfeit products. Products from China, India and Turkey are reaching more and more countries. The objective was to raise awareness with the customer – the dentist – about the issue and ultimately make them understand that Dentsply Maillefer is taking action and also offering some easy solutions to recognise the counterfeit products.


Most dentists are not aware they even have to look out for it because their assistants order the products and they expect to receive what was ordered. We had to get them to stop what they were doing and think about it for a few minutes. The only way to do that was to create a striking key visual. We then followed it up with a flyer that would actually go into the science of the counterfeiting and how to recognize the faulty files.


The sales reps and distributors fed back that the campaign enabled them to open the door to start discussing the issue with their very busy customers. Once the dentist had seen the adverts, they then were able to give them the flyer to discuss how to identify these counterfeits. It was very efficient even though we didn’t give the distributors or reps many deliverables to work with. For the other markets, they are now requesting we localize new versions of these for each country. It will also be used for a digital campaign in Europe.

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